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Dear Clarity Breathworkers: The Time Is Now

img_1518Dear Breathworkers,

The time is now.

We are trained in a powerful healing modality. These are powerful times. The world is calling us.

So now is the time to call in our clients. Now is the time to organize community breathwork circles in our area, assist Clarity Breathwork workshops and have our family and friends over for private breathing rituals.

This has been the time for me to commit to radical self-care: a daily breathwork practice and even more frequent breathwork sessions. I have committed to staying grounded, aligned, centered and focused on the light. Fighting the darkness has just created more darkness.

Now is the time to breathe through the duality of red and blue to the oneness that connects us all. Now is the time to breathe into a new consciousness.

Let us share this work, do this work, be this work. I am so grateful for Clarity Breathwork. I am so grateful for our healing community.

much love and light,

Connecting with Clarity Breathwork

IMG_0354 (1)

This image was taken right after a breathwork session with Mary Gaetjens.

I felt so light, so clear, and so peaceful after my breathe. This is why I am committed to Breathwork and my own self-care.

Clarity Breathwork  keeps me grounded, centered and present in my healing practice. Receiving regular sessions makes holding space for others effortless.

One of the many benefits of attending the Clarity Breathwork Training is the deep connections you make with other people that you can trade sessions with.

The support, healing and benefits of a Clarity Breathwork workshop lasts long after the retreat is over.