I assist others to actualize their as-of-yet untapped potential for inner development and personal transformation by utilizing progressive (ancient) strategies to manage anxiety and other mental health and wellness challenges. Using breathwork combined with other body-based strategies like energy medicine (Jin Shin, QiGong) and energy psychology (tapping, visualization), somatic coaching, biofeedback, and mindfulness we are able to tap into our innate capacity for regenerative health and wellness to resolve residual stress and move forward able to easily enjoy the fullness of life.

After graduating from the Body Psychotherapy master’s program at Naropa University in 2009, I applied my formal education in mindfulness and somatic practice in sessions with clients and students. Utilizing the HIKE4evolution system for learning to learn self-mastery has expanded my capability to contact and access my High Will(power) and resource myself from within. Becoming Certified as a Clarity Breathwork Practitioner further expanded my knowledge and expertise in self-mastery using breath and mindfulness, and by deepening skills in self-perception and correction. Personal Self-Integration training has helped me achieve a greater level of inner harmony with my subconscious and unconscious aspects (this is an IFS-similar strategy). I invite you to come learn with other like-minded individuals and amplify and accelerate your development on all levels. This process works!

I am a member of The Global Professional Breathwork Alliance, the International Breathwork Foundation, as well as the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology.

Client Testimonials

“…one of the most profound, soul expanding experiences of my life!”

“Learning breathwork with Alistair Hawkes has been one of the most profound, soul expanding experiences of my life! The growth my wife and I have experienced since we started this journey has been exponential! Thank you so much Alistair!”

~ B. D.

“…this has allowed a deeper understanding and total experience of my full being.”

“Breathwork started out as interesting, breathing in and out, what is going to happen? As the first experience with breathwork (zoom, as part of a group) was coming to a close, insights and intuitive thinking kicked in and I started feeling deep emotions that I had not felt in a long while. A good feeling/experience. This motivated me to commit to a 10 session series with Alistair that has helped me to integrate intellectual and emotional understanding, challenges and experiences into my mind/body.

Each session opened a new path of exploration for me and this has allowed a deeper understanding and total experience of my full being. With Clarity Breathwork, there has been a huge shift from stuck thoughts and feelings into acceptance, gratitude and love. Alistair is a wonderful facilitator. Thank you Alistair!”

~ Dallas

“The experience was so rich and powerful it blew my mind.”

“Thank you for the Breathwork session. The experience was so rich and powerful it blew my mind.”

~ Brad in Colorado

“As I continue to crack open, she meets me in Total Presence and full capacity.”

“My testimonial is long overdue as I have had the privilege of working with Alistair for quite some time now. I have been on the self-discovery path for what feels like an endless period of time and Alistair’s Presence has been significant in my evolution. I have explored many modalities and tools on my journey and have also worked with many psychotherapists and healing professionals. I am very committed to my path and choose intentionally who I work with.

I carry a few hats and have been within roles of being a psychotherapist, health coach, breathwork practitioner, yoga teacher, and reiki practitioner, and identify as a person within the healing profession myself. I have explored many depths of my own being — and I have found my work with Alistair to have accelerated so many things. Words fall short; however, some examples include my own healing from traumatic experiences, shifting out of the stories of the mind, my awareness of my inner and outer landscape and far beyond— and embodiment of my Complete and Total Truth, which continues to be revealed to me in each moment and as I continue to evolve. I am so grateful to have been supported by Alistair’s Presence, Insight(s), and her creation and holding of such safe space.

As I continue to crack open, she meets me in Total Presence and full capacity. This is not always the case with various healing professionals and has ONLY been the case in my work with Alistair. If you are READY to step into the Truth of who you are, step away from the egoic and limiting structures of the human condition, and desire a Loving Witness that is as committed as You are to your own path and journey, I encourage you to lean into the blessing of working with Alistair. ”

~ JY in Colorado

“That was so necessary!”

~ Christa in Colorado


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