Exploring depths and highs is my passion, Questing and moving toward greater alignment has truly been a life focus. Living outside the box in a free and authentic way. I was introduced to the wonders of breathwork many years ago and was amazed how effective and transformational breathwork was for me! Since I have been dedicated to support others weaving in my life experience, with breathwork therapy, holistic techniques, hypnosis, intuition and most of all Love!

I hold and facilitate weekly breathwork group sessions in Ibiza, Spain as well as private sessions. The space created is soulful, bright, inspiring and sacred allowing deep release and expansive insights to prevail! I guide with care while you explore your inner world, releasing what is holding you back, seeking your truth, and connecting with your highest goals and alignment. I am a Clarity Breathwork practitioner and a certified hypnotherapist by the NGH (National guild of hypnotists). Together, Let’s breathe and Rise!

Client Testimonials

“…she is masterful, with subtle encouragement…”

“Generous and filled with love, Anika guides journeys to live & experience truth, openness, Love & lots of oxygen! Arriving in the setting, a welcoming and warm space is always awaiting you. A beauty filled altar begins your journey inwards as you get comfortable in a thoughtfully prepared space. We connect to ourselves and each other, set an intention and are introduced to this open, activated breath. My first release was so primal. The work one does in Breathwork is personal and deep, but whatever it is, you are held and supported with guidance and nurturing presence. My experience is different every time. Week after week, I step into this force and I am transformed. I knew after my first session that this practice was essential for my journey. I am still completely mystified by the power of this transformational breath. Anika is able to hold space for people where each is having an intimate and unique passage inward. As guide and space holder, she is masterful, with subtle encouragement through sound and words and physical adjustments. Her presence is abundant & supportive in every way. Whether you have done breathwork or not, this class is a ticket to exactly where you need to go and nowhere you ever expected to arrive. Looking forward to my next flight with Love and deep gratitude!”

~ Michelle Rushton

“All of us feeling safe to dive deep and explore the power of the breath to heal and transform.”

“Travelling on the breathwork journeys with Anika is always enlightening! Physically, emotionally and energetically, I feel the release of tensions and holding patterns at every level each time in different ways. I always receive insights, clarity, and downloads about situations in my present and future life that need clarity, and that are ready for healing. Each journey is different; it feels sacred and very personally experienced and held. Anika with her trusted team manages to have her eyes, ears and heart with every person in the room. All of us feeling safe to dive deep and explore the power of the breath to heal and transform.”

~ Larah, Founder director: Ibiza Retreats

“You are in the hands of a professional angel.”

“I cannot recommend breathwork enough whether you are looking to shift or release any situation or trauma, to find inspiration or re-align with your inner self this is a deep journey that will bring guaranteed clarity and answers from a place of truth. Anika guides you with love and presence in a comfortable and safe environment. You are in the hands of a professional angel. She is there when you need her and close by when you don’t… The session is accompanied by exquisite and carefully curated music that enhances the experience leading you to a crescendo, then to wind down to a state of bliss. Welcome to Anika’s Breathworld!”

~ Lella Cazzak

“I had a vision and received great insights.”

“It was the first time I was going to experience a breathing session. How much we take for granted the first and last thing we ever do in this dimension and in this body…breathe.

Seeing Anika speaking about the actual process made me feel safe. As we went through the process, I arrived at the edge…the place where I felt I will either stop breathing or go beyond and I did…I went beyond and with every breath I extended my lungs more and more. I had a vision and received great insights. The music playing to accompany the session was supportive in times when you just needed that extra push in the right sound or words would appear just like magic. Sometimes I could feel the hands of Anika coming and guiding me, helping open the blockages that clearly were within me. The entire process took me home. I recommend with all my heart! Anika channeling her calling through the most important tool we have as human beings in this world. BREATHING! I congratulate you for helping humanity understand the meaning and the importance of Breathing. The power that we all have and the reminder of how we could all tap into it just simply…breathing. Bless you and thank you for guiding us into our deepest selves my Love and deep gratitude.”
~ Bianca

“When I am in this breathing mode I feel more connected with myself…”

“My first contact with this breathing technique was in a group workshop, without knowing anything a friend invited me to a session that Anika held, it was such a gift! I Then had many private sessions with Anika that was more focused on certain traumas and feelings that I wanted to heal. When I am in this breathing mode I feel more connected with myself, many feelings can emerge. In my case I really felt where the energy was stuck and Anika helped me to understand why. In the held space with Anika, I allowed myself to go deep. I felt the difference on my behavior and felt myself lighter and stronger. I’m very grateful for this work together. Thank you Anika!”
~ Laura


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