As a Holistic Health Coach, Clarity Breathwork Practitioner and Yoga Teacher, as well as my own personal growth and healing journey, I strongly believe that our health is our wealth, that we have all the power and wisdom we need inside ourselves and that we can heal ourselves with the power of our own breath.

Working with me you will be held in a gentle space filled with love, compassion and acceptance. Together we will find the tools and methods which support you best on your healing and transforming journey.

Client Testimonials

“It’s a great beginning of a new path and new connections in my mind…”

After working with Anita I feel liberated and my mind is in a better place now. I realized everything that was holding me back were just thoughts in my mind. Thanks to these sessions, I could work with these thoughts and understand where they were coming from. It’s a great beginning of a new path and new connections in my mind, that lead to a more fulfilled life. To more secure decisions and enjoying life better. In the morning I could meditate like I have never done before, my mind was so free, clear and happy. And that lead to a very happy day.

~ J.V.

“I could just be the real me and feel the way I feel.”

Anita created a place where every participant could stop pretending everything was happy and simple, open up, dance or cry, speak honestly about any issue, to go to painful thoughts, share experiences and learnings. I could just be the real me and feel the way I feel.

~ R.P.

“Anita was so wonderful, approachable and super helpful.”

“I stumbled upon Anita’s conscious connected Clarity Breathwork workshop by accident, but I am so incredibly glad I did. I did a 45 minute workshop where Anita guided us on breathing, and by the end of it I was shocked at how deep of a breath I was able to take. For the longest time I could only take small breaths but these workshop helped me release whatever blockage I had that was preventing me from taking a really big breath. By the end of it (and still to this day) I feel like my lung capacity has significantly increased. I am so happy I attended the workshop and Anita was so wonderful, approachable and super helpful. I also did a life coaching session with her and she was super insightful, and really made me feel like I had a safe space to say whatever I had on my mind without worry of being judged or misunderstood. Thank you for that! Anita is great all around and I would recommend her to anybody whether its for life coaching or one of her workshops.”

~ G.V.


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