I came to the breathing ceremony not by chance, I was looking for a tool or practice that would help me live joyfully in this world full of stress and unexpected and sometimes dramatic events. I began to notice that my level of tension and stress was already unbearable and I forgot how to breathe deeply and my whole body hurts. I have done many practices in search of a solution to a problem such as yoga, medicinal plants, etc. these practices are very powerful but require deep dedication and they can be too strong for a spiritually unprepared person, these practices require years of dedication to come to harmony.

Clarity Breathwork Ceremonies are like an ambulance for a person who has emotional trauma, tension, stress, or, when one seems in a hopeless situation.

When I did the first Clarity Breathwork sessions in PachaMama eco village, I understood and felt that I had touched something very sacred, as if through breathing the door to my subconscious had opened for me, I saw my pain and how much it is there. Moreover, I was able to let it go, session after session, I felt as if a load was being removed from my shoulders and, most importantly, from my heart and my soul. I was so fascinated by the results of these sessions that I decided to share it with people, help them cleanse their subconscious of the accumulated pain and finally return to the feeling of joy and lightness, like in childhood, which we can forget.

Client Testimonials

“I was able to rewire narratives that were impacting my ability to step into my full light and potential.”

“I am so grateful for the safe and sacred container that was created by, and held by, Anna, in my individual work with her. Anna brings a gentle, yet potent presence filled with intuition, truth, and love. I felt seen and supported through each step of the breathwork process, and in each breath, truly.

From this place of safety and trust, I was able to reconnect with deeply rooted belief systems that were no longer serving me. I was able to meet old parts of myself that I had hidden away into the darkness. I was offered the opportunity to create conscious choices for myself in the ‘now’ and rewire narratives that were impacting my ability to step into my full light and potential. I gathered so much insight from my work with Anna and was able to see my reflection, smiling and radiating back at me, for the first time. I hold this dear to my heart and it makes me smile thinking of it now.

As a psychotherapist, holistic and integrative health coach, and yoga teacher, I am aware of the many factors contributing to one’s healing journey— loving presence being one of (if not the) biggest components. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have had Anna sit along side me during my breathwork journey and offer the gift that is her loving presence. Thank you for everything, Anna!”
~ Janna Y.


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