Antonio Abbagnano is the founder of The Community of Healing, an international organization that promotes the union of Western medicine with all other modalities (www.communityofhealing.com). He is also the founder of the ARK foundation in Bali Indonesia, a day centre dedicated to community health and growth of consciousness.

With 8 years of personal daily breathing practice, Antonio has explored many different styles of the breath, including LeBoyer, Holotropic, Transformational, Sufi Breathing, and Pranayama. Now as a Clarity Breathwork practitioner he brings his life experience of Motivational Speaking, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Bodytalk™ Therapy, Conscious Loving and Conscious Living Life Coaching (Hendricks Institute) to the practice. He also introduces Sound Medicine and Aromatherapy into his Breathwork practice.

“The breath heightens sensitivity and connection from the inner world through the body and outward into the cosmos. The use of vibrational healing heightens the effectiveness of the work, harmonizing and re-tuning the vibrations of the body and each organ with the universal code. The use of Aromatherapy in the latter stages of a session engages support of the limbic system to address our deepest human responses which have conditioned our life responses. The anointment with oils has been one of the most significant spiritual practices over the millennia. Now the application of chosen oils during the breathing process supports profound access to base human emotions, realigning them with divine purpose”.

Living in Europe during the summer months and on the island of Bali the rest of the year, Antonio integrates Clarity Breathwork along with other traditions, into The Alchemy of Breath, which he facilitates for groups and in private sessions. As a result of his own healing journey, including the survival and transformation from a near death health crisis, Antonio holds tender space for the depth of journey some need in their own healing path, as well as support the celebration of joy and ecstasy that a breathwork practice promotes.

“A conscious breathing practice is my favorite vehicle to access parts of the body, psyche and spirit that otherwise remain hidden. There is no drug, and no teacher greater than the God that exists in each of us. The practice of inspiring (bringing in spirit) is the best welcome we can give ourselves to a new world of possibilities, both for our own personal growth, and as an example for others. It is the best way to our own mastery, and the capability for self compassion that becomes the root of outward love to those that surround us.

For me it’s the greatest honor to hold space for another to explore these delicate, sensitive elements of themselves, and to see how quickly they are able to achieve resolution with issues that may have been troubling them for a lifetime. Wherever a person is on their journey, the breath can help them achieve a spiritual openness and peace that is free and available at all times! The breath is the greatest gift we never really received; and now with the support of practitioners around the world, and the burgeoning quantities of people embracing its full potential, it is being understood for what it can do – it can change the world!”

Love really IS in the air!


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