Inspire healing and transformation with the miraculous, built-in tool of your own breath.

Each of us has a miraculous tool for healing and transformation built right within our magnificent bodies. This tool allows us to access our own innate ability to heal, to process emotions, to connect to inner guidance, and to bring clarity and transformation into our lives. What is that tool? It’s our breath. So simple, yet potentially so powerful when it is utilized correctly with expert, caring, compassionate guidance. In a Breathwork session, Anu Peter will skillfully and lovingly guide you to merge your inhale and exhale into a pattern of circular breathing. When you relax into this circular breathing, it becomes effortless, and you are taken on an inner journey which may likely surprise you with its depth.

Many people say the experience of Breathwork can be as powerful as taking a psychedelic medicine, and, indeed, Breathwork does give us access to similar altered states and deep, rich inner worlds. Breathwork has the ability to activate and bring clarity to hidden thoughts, feelings, emotions, and memories which are ready for healing, release, and ultimately transformation.

Anu Peter is a spiritual counselor, shamanic practitioner, Clarity Breathwork practitioner, Reiki and energy healing master, sound healer, certified Somatic Plant Medicine Integration coach, and professional singer and musician. His calling to be of service to personal and planetary awakening, healing, and transformation is his most fervid endeavor. Visit www.soulunique.com for more information.

Client Testimonials

“In sessions Peter becomes a conduit for powerful life force energy.”

“I have received every form of healing work for more than thirty years. After a major, life-threatening accident nearly nine years ago, I was left with chronic pain. Anu Peter Brandt is a very intuitive healer who has an amazing gift. He has been able to give me great relief when I started with a pain level of ’10’ (on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest). The energy radiating from his hands is so significant, that I feel it immediately as a soothing warm ‘flow’. When he works with you, his intention to be a positive channel for good is obvious and he becomes a conduit for powerful life force energy. After a session, I am pain-free, feeling blissful. Peter has been a blessing in my life!”

~ Mary Cummings,
Vice President, Foundation for Mind-Being Research and CMT/CHT since 1984

“I realized that a major change for the good was taking place.”

“As a result of serious bronchitis, I was treated by my doctor with antibiotics and cough syrup with Codeine, but neither stopped my coughing which had become chronic. After two weeks of symptoms, I had a call from my friend Anu Peter Brandt, who called to tell me that he wanted to do a healing on me. He was unaware of my bronchitis when he called. I jumped at the opportunity. The following day, Anu Peter spent an hour working on me, and for those sixty minutes I did not cough. My recovery from the bronchitis began as soon as he started treating me. For the healing hour, I immediately fell into some kind of altered state and realized that a major change for the good was taking place. I don’t know what Anu Peter actually does, I don’t know how he knew that I needed his very real gift, and I am grateful that he made a house call! I also know that after he worked on me, my coughing lessened dramatically! Should I have a need for real healing again I would call on him, but just as it was, this time he called me! Whatever it is that Anu Peter has, it worked for me!”

~ Jack Comerford
New York Talent Agent for Film, TV, Broadway (ret)

“Peter’s work has played an important part in transforming, in a very positive way, the way…”

“After having led national and global award-winning teams at major investment banks and NASA, I have come to learn that the best leaders and managers subjugate the noise of their egos to their higher calling, to their essence. Peter’s transformative energy work has helped me to find that essence, which has been invaluable in softening my hard edges that have often determined the way that I have dealt with both senior management and my subordinates. Peter’s work has played an important part in transforming, in a very positive way, the way I am approaching the world and my colleagues. If you want remarkable change on your path I would highly recommend Peter Brandt.”

~ Charles K. Gonzales
Financial Services and Technology Professional

“After my session with Peter I slept like a rock for more than nine hours, and I woke up…”

“If the warmth and power flowing from Peter’s hands isn’t enough to convince you he’s a true master, the results of a session with him will. I’m a light sleeper. I wake up constantly through the night, and I rarely feel refreshed in the morning. After my session with Peter I slept like a rock for more than nine hours, and I woke up bursting with enthusiasm and vitality. I can hardly wait for my next session.”
~ Patrick Prohaska
Founder, Thrive Energetics


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