Ashley attended East Carolina University and graduated magna cum laude with a degree in Occupational Therapy in 1995. Not long after she completed her first Yoga training in 1999, she left the traditional medical model, where she worked in all areas of trauma recovery, and embarked on a journey that continues today.

AshleyLudman-energyworkIn 2002, she opened the doors of Seaside Yoga, in Wilmington, NC, and held a space in the community for healing and transformation through the practice of Yoga and complementary modalities. In 2010, she moved the party south to Costa Rica, where she continues to support and train Yoga educators and healers in 21 day Immersion programs.

With support of shamans, plant medicine, meditation and breathwork, Ashley continues to deepen her study of healing and transformation. Completing her training of the practitioner phase of Clarity Breathwork in Costa Rica and California, she is thrilled to support her students to move into a new paradigm of living, relating and co-creating with the world.


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