Hello, my name is Audrey Frank. I am passionate about playing where ancient meets modern, at the intersection of healing, spirituality, and creativity. I am curious about our human experience and what it means in our practical everyday moments to be living as both a spiritual being and a human form.

After years of struggle and dis-ease, a series of crises struck that landed me on death’s door and ultimately launched me into a deep letting go of who I believed I was supposed to be, and an initiation into the deeper truth of who I Am. Feeling vulnerable and lost as I came through an intense time of Spiritual Emergence, finding Clarity Breathwork was an absolute game changer for me. In the most beautifully gentle, powerful, safe way this practice allowed me to embody and begin to live in alignment with the wordless Beauty and Truth I had rediscovered within. To name just a few benefits Clarity Breathwork has allowed me to learn to let myself be supported, to let go of struggle and stress and open to trust, to feel safe being myself, to cultivate presence and resilience, to release long held tensions in body-mind, to reconnect with my inner child, my Inner Healer + Higher Self, and to fall in love with feeling over and over again. I am so honored to be able to know and share this practice.

I am specifically passionate about serving those who are learning to lead a new way of life after an experience of awakening + remembrance, and those who have yearned to be seen and heard for who they truly are, but have historically struggled to do so because of fear and once-helpful-now-harmful self-protective patterns.

My approach is caring, nurturing, accepting, dynamic, holistic, playful, and rooted in a deep respect for the Wisdom inherent within each of us.

I am here to support you so you can claim your embodied, authentic, joyful, intentional journey of Life!

Some modalities I have trained in include:
Clarity Breathwork
Energy Healing, Reiki
Trauma Informed Yoga
Wayfinder Life Coach Training
Family Constellations
I am especially excited about utilizing the power of Breath, alignment with Nature, embodied somatic tools, and more to support the process of integrating more of our Soul’s expression into form, and uncovering what is possible for us when we can let go of fear, let Love lead the way, and live beyond the limits of the rational mind.

It would be an honor to be a part of serving you on your unique journey.


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