Carolina Patino is a Claritybreatwork® Practitioner, a Certified Thetahealing® Instructor, and a Certified Conscious Living and Loving Coach graduate from the Hendricks Institute.

Before opening her practice as an alternative therapist, Carolina worked for over 15 years as an accountant for several Fortune 500 companies. During that time, Carolina discovered that business performance can be largely affected by people’s limiting beliefs. She succeeded in achieving major performance improvements through the application of breathing and other inner exploration techniques. Carolina strongly believes that anyone can improve their business and life performance by incorporating an inner exploration process using a variety of techniques like Claritybreathwork® and Thetahealing®

Working together with her clients, the goal is to create a space where life’s concerns and ideas can be shared and explored. Creating this safe space allows participants to get into truly discover the things that they care about the most. Each participant’s current mental programming (social, family, work) is fully examined and an evaluation is made to determine what parts need to be strengthened, replaced, or totally removed. Together with each participant, Carolina can also help to discover many skills and inner tools that are available but have yet to be uncovered.

Carolina uses a variety of modalities and tools in combination with breathing work to build a foundation that will support each client’s unfolding and self-discovery process. Participants will get to know and reach expanded levels of self-esteem and self-love. Working with each individual, Carolina will teach each person to view fear and life changes as both a source for thriving and as new life experiences.

This inner exploration process is extraordinary! It allows participants to deeply fall in love with themselves and as a result, to deeply fall in love with their family members, friends, career, community, and THEIR OWN LIVES!!

If you are ready for a life full of adventure, joy, and passion, do not wait any longer. Start your inner exploration process!!



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