I am a very passionate and nature loving mom to a beautiful teenage son. We currently reside in Las Vegas, Nevada with massive affinity for beach life in San Diego, CA. I have a deep love for learning about life and all of its beauty and blessings. I enjoy cooking, baking, and traveling with my son, exploring nature and meeting like minded people who are here to make a difference in the world. I am grateful to be called to this mission to share the sacred gift of breathwork to those looking to evolve and connect within. I am here to serve and hold space with all of my heart.

Client Testimonials

“After the session, I slept better than I had in a while, I woke up with a wonderful attitude.”

~ Frank B,

“Cecille’s Clarity Breathwork sessions are different than the other breathwork or pranayama I’ve tried.”

“Breathing in and out of the mouth without the nose and the energy moving and stimulation worked really well. I’ve tried dozens of different healing techniques and workshops. A lot of them don’t work or do anything. I would keep up with this one, it’s a good technique.”

~ Nelson C,
Montreal, Canada


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