Breathwork has been life transforming for Cephora! This is why she is sharing and facilitating the work with people ready to create lasting happiness and positive changes in their lives. Joy, radiant health and abundance are our sacred birthright. Clarity BreathWork is a conduit to hear our soul, follow the guidance for greater happiness. Breathing helps release fears, doubts and negative beliefs, everything that keeps us away from living in love.

Since 2015 the practice has helped her through difficult life changes. Thanks to Clarity Breathwork she was able to reconnect with her heart and greater sense of self-love. It was also a blessing to complete with her Father’s passing.

Cephora now lives in South of France where she guides people to live in Coherence with their soul contract and life purpose. It is her greatest joy and inspiration to see people recognize their light and shine it in the world.

Cephora believes that breathwork is one of the most profound and powerful transformational healing tools and a gift everyone should allow oneself to receive.

Cephora is offering private sessions South of France and in New York a few times a year. She would be thrilled to support you in your journey.

Cephora is an energy worker, certified Crystal Healer, Certified Art of the Feminine Presence facilitator, a Reconnective Healing Level 3 Practitioner, a yogi, Earth lover and a vegetarian.

Client Testimonials

“I felt like I had my very own goddess angel caring over me in my time of need and vulnerability.”

“I attended Cephora’ breathing workshop and was greeted at the front door with warmth and a cup of rose tea. The room was surrounded with healing minerals and an inviting, relaxed and loving energy. I had never engaged in active and continuous breathing before. I cried. I felt love. I felt anger. I felt tingling .. and for the first time in years.. I felt an alive sensation in my lower legs. Cephora is a practitioner of energy and awareness. She was with me every step of the way. Coaching me, leading me, grounding me.. I felt like I had my very own goddess angel caring over me in my time of need and vulnerability. Thank you again, Cephora. 2017 needed you in my life!”

~ Emilee

“The space she set was safe, open and magical”

“I attended Cephora’s Releasing 2016 breathing circle. The space she set was safe, open and magical. I was able to let go of expectations, just be with the exercises and allow myself to receive whatever healing best served me. Cephora was a gentle yet powerful facilitator. This was a very powerful ritual for me and I would recommend it to anyone!”

~ Jill

“My breathing experience in a group with Cephora was very powerful…”

“My breathing experience in a group with Cephora was very powerful, interesting and peaceful. I am looking forward to breathing again soon. I highly recommend to everyone who has some stress to release.”

~ David


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