Cesar Ortiz is passionate about Healing this world. He has dedicated his life’s work to the greater awakening of Human Beings. He is here for others to transform their wounds into power & love.

Cesar completed his Clarity Breathwork training levels 1-4 between 2014-2016. He since then has led group & one on one breath sessions. Cesar is inspired by the power of breathwork, and is always looking for new ways for himself to be the highest vibration for his clients.

Cesar also enjoys Facilitating personal development workshops. These workshops are experiential. With exercises, processes, coaching and discussion. The main intention behind these workshops is Self potential discovery. He has been facilitating workshops since 2010. He has led them in Spain, Mexico, Canada, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Beijing. Cesar has developed many skills through facilitating these courses like:

  • Managing group energy and individual energy
  • How to create space for others to “express and feel”
  • When it is appropriate to ask specific questions
  • How to create a safe trusting environment for students
  • How to help others feel safe to feel uncomfortable emotions and feelings

Cesar still facilitates these courses, and often times brings breathing techniques he learned at Clarity Breathwork.

Cesar Ortiz was certified with International Coaching Federation in 2017. He has his Ontological Life Coaching practice. Ontological coaching is coaching on the “being” which focuses on someone’s: World View, Thinking, Beliefs, Feelings and Language.

Cesar has very clear mission to serve others to be their greatest existence here on earth. He is very passionate & grateful about the different ways he gets to serve people.


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