Christina has a deep passion for transformation & empowerment. She has completed Certification and the 5 levels of training in the Professional Clarity Breathwork program and witnessed incredible transformation, healing and empowerment in herself and her clients.

She weaves her love of Breathwork with Yoga, Pranayama and somatic practices – bringing mindfulness, presence, slowing down, giving the body a chance to release tension from the cells and tissues of the body where trauma, memory and limiting beliefs have been stored, so her clients can blossom into their greater potential.

Christina loves holding space for women and kind humans to become fully embodied. She has a passion and love for supporting her clients to release limiting beliefs and anchor into their own wisdom and trust.

She is also a Website Developer/Doula. She helps to alchemize overwhelm and fear of technology into empowerment. De-mystifying technology for lightworkers.

As an engineer, Christina has had a dedication and commitment to excellence and working with integrity and focus to make applications accessible for people to be included and feel more empowered.

For several years she had served as a Firefighter which has taught her how to focus in the midst of intense challenges, staying calm in the storm, to be fully present and appreciative while witnessing the fragility of life. She has a deep respect for Nature and the elements and is rooted in the knowing that we are an extension of Earth. That we belong to Her and not the other way around.

She helps her clients to find their center, have the courage to stand in their own authenticity and authority, as well as softening and surrendering to the beauty of nature and life.

This path for her is an indescribable, humbling blessing. To witness all the healing and miracles that take place.

Christina offers her 1:1 Breathwork sessions and group events online to a global audience.

Client Testimonials

“I felt so seen, heard and held to completely let go of so much ”

“I was lucky enough to have 10 Clarity Breathwork sessions with Christina. I have tried many therapy sessions in my time to work through different life experiences that I felt hard to move through and nothing had ever come close to what I experienced in Christina’s sessions.

I was able to break through so many challenges that had found a place to reside within my body, stuck energy that had been there for years just went. I was amazed at what I felt and released just from reconnecting to my breath. After every session I felt lighter and my body and mind felt free.

Christina is like an earth angel, the space she holds is so safe and nurturing. I felt so seen, heard and held to completely let go of so much I had been carrying around. Breathwork with Christina has transformed my life. So much gratitude for Christina and her magic as a Breathwork practitioner. Christina’s sessions are like a big warm hug for your soul.”


“A powerful, safe, deeply connecting experience…”

“My 1:1 Clarity Breathwork session with Christina was just incredible!

A powerful, safe, deeply connecting experience with oneself would be the words to describe it. Christina creates the very safe space guiding inner transformation.

Following the session the confidence in self, wisdom gained and energetic changes are profoundly noticeable. Breathwork is simple yet a very authentic deep connection you can have with yourself.

Highly recommend a session with Christina. 🙏🌱🌏”

~ Saoirse


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