I am a Qualified Integrative Therapist and accredited with BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy). I am also a Certified levels 1-4 Clarity Breathwork Practitioner. My clinical experience varies from managing a residential and outpatient clinic for over 8 years, working with a variety of issues, including trauma, depression, eating disorders and other addictions as well as managing a thriving counselling service for a training school.

I tailor sessions to your individual needs. I believe that we are all capable of transforming our lives. Profound and fundamental change occurs with the realisation that the most important relationship we will ever have is the relationship with ourselves.

I have huge respect for anyone that takes that step in to the unknown and has the courage, curiosity, and willingness to do their inner work and go to those vulnerable places. I place high value on building a warm, trusting, and non-judgmental relationship as a strong foundation for you to begin this inner journey.

I am so passionate about breathwork and feel incredibly fortunate to have been able to complete my training with Clarity Breathwork. Each day I am in awe of the power of the breath. Clarity Breathwork has been so transformational in my own life and it’s a real privilege to share this gift with others.

Working with my clients, I have seen it bring profound clarity, healing and takes them on an inner journey of self-awareness bringing inner peace, unlike anything they’ve experienced before.

Client Testimonials

“I’m feeling lighter, stronger and more myself than I have ever been.”

“I connected with Clare at a time when I felt totally lost. For years, I had been tirelessly searching for the answers to my suffering outside of myself. I had been through various emotional and traumatic experiences, yet I had never truly given myself the time and space to connect with any of it. Never really believing that my experiences were valid or big enough for therapy until my body started to cry out on physical level.

After our first call I knew she was the one that was going to help me and I felt super connected to her work with energy. In the early stages we touched on emotions and negative beliefs that I wasn’t even aware was there, even though when we did they felt all too familiar. Over the months we have been working together, I have gained incredible and powerful insights that have not only shifted my perspectives but led me to releasing negative and unprocessed emotions. That have led me to feeling lighter, stronger and more myself than I have ever been. Helping me to quieten the mind and find a state of presence so that my body can speak its truth.

Through the art of Clarity Breathwork and her unique yet simple techniques, Clare will guide you on a transformative path back to your soul. Peeling away the layers that no longer serve you, so that you can step into your own power and rise to your natural self once again. I feel deeply grateful for how she has shown up and continues to show up for me. I am still on my journey but I look forward to working with Clare and myself more!”

~ Bex

“(The sessions)…are helping me to improve my well-being and relationships with those I love.”

“I have always been very wary even sceptical of the value of using services such as those offered by Clare. However, it was apparent even from the first session that my concerns were misplaced as Clare has helped me greatly with her immense insight and powerful observations. Clare is always very professional but also exudes warmth and compassion in her approach. She always takes a deep interest in what I have to say but is also totally non-judgemental. Her astuteness is always apparent, enabling me to learn something new about myself every session. I am very grateful for Clare‘s help as it has helped me resolve so many issues; helping me to improve my well-being and relationships with those I love. Thank you!”

~ Vipan

“Clarity Breathwork has allowed me to redirect the flow of energy in my body, letting it flow naturally and peacefully….”

“I first came to Therapy with Clare, having struggled with addiction and an active eating disorder for 10 years. I had tried a wide range of therapies before, with nearly a dozen different specialists, but hadn’t managed to find or maintain any level of recovery. I thought I knew everything I needed to about my past, my childhood, and what lead to the problems I was having as an adult. I had just finished an impatient treatment course at a rehab facility which gave me a period of sobriety for the first time, but I was in a vulnerable position when our sessions started. In our early sessions, Clare was able to immediately sense when I needed challenging, and when I needed a gentler hand, moving seamlessly between the two whilst ensuring I always felt safe. We have explored very complex areas of my past, which Clare has empowered me to do so fearlessly, allowing me address my behaviours in the present and remove destructive patterns in order to live with peace, serenity, and to truly enjoy life.

Alongside talking therapy, we have also been doing Clarity Breathwork. I was a complete beginner, and had been sceptical in the past. However, since Clare introduced it into our sessions, it has become a revelation, allowing me to feel truly connected with my mind, body and spirit for the first time in my life. Through this new connection with my body, I have been able to understand parts of my past, my personality and the many blockages I had put in place to prevent myself feeling certain things. Clare once described the process as “thawing out”, which feels like an extremely accurate way to describe the impact Clarity Breathwork alongside therapy is having. I had spent my whole life deliberately suppressing the flow of energy as a way of protecting myself from emotions like fear, sadness, anxiety and more. Clarity Breathwork has allowed me to redirect the flow of energy in my body, letting it flow naturally and peacefully, which in turn has meant I have been able to peel back the many protective layers I’d built around myself and really connect with who I am as a person.

Through the last year, I have maintained sobriety throughout. I have also reached, and then maintained, recovery from a longstanding eating disorder. This is something I never thought would be possible before working with Clare, so I could not be more grateful for the work we are doing.”

~ Mike


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