In addition to being a Clarity Breathwork Practitioner, I am also a certified Reiki Master, an intuitive channel, a leader of women’s circles, graduate from Awakening Your Light Body, and a graduate from Michigan State University with a degree in Kinesiology & Health Promotion.

During my senior year in college I had plans to go to Naturopathic Medicine School. I then had my first breath session and my plans changed completely. My first breath session was so incredibly powerful and transformational that I knew I had to become a breathworker and bring this healing modality to others. I graduated college and went straight to Costa Rica to begin my training!

My personal journey has been about returning to my innocence, becoming fully integrated and present in my body, allowing and loving all of my emotions, and learning to trust my inner knowing. I truly believe all the answers we seek are within but we must learn how to be deeply embodied in order to listen.

As I began to bring light to repressed emotions and trauma through breathwork, dance, and plant medicine, it peeled back so many false layers of self and allowed for an opening of my heart. This has created the opportunity for my soul to live freely through me. Rather than trying to censor and control myself and the world around me, I found a deep surrender to what is and the ability to appreciate the divine perfection in every moment as it unfolds.

Breathwork and dance have brought me back into my body, released lifetimes of trauma from my cells, brought me out of freeze, and back fully into life. I have been able to take my power back and begin consciously creating a life of love. I have learned it is safe to trust the knowledge of our bodies and all that arises.

It is my deepest desire and honor to continue to reach those all over the world with the medicine of the breath. May we all remember the light that we are and return to our innocence.

Client Testimonials

“I am a Spiritual counselor myself, and yet I was blown away…”

“Tonight I had a breath session with Danielle Rhem. I am an experienced healer with 15+ years of education and training in energy medicine, counseling, shamanism, yoga, meditation, and more. I am a Spiritual counselor myself, and yet I was blown away at the depth I was able to go while Dani was by my side. Her sincerity and genuine care for others is evident in her soft spoken voice, gentle and patient pose, as well as her fiery, sturdy, grounded, power! If you have “stuff” coming up or just feel you need someone to show up and hold space for you, then definitely reach out and message her. She works remotely and in-person and most importantly you won’t be disappointed. As with anything, you will only go as deep as you choose, ultimately it’s always up to you, but Dani is a safe, reliable, facilitator and healer who can assist you in your transformation. Thanks again Angel Dani. I love you beyond!!!! 🌸Healers need healing too!!!”

~ Nicole Badgley

“It felt like she was right next to me supporting me the entire time.”

“Dani’s breathwork circle was pure magic. I felt intense peace in my entire body for hours after, I slept very well and I saw noticeable positive changes within myself in the days following. Dani’s gentle, loving and powerful energy creates a safe space for release and awareness. It felt like she was right next to me supporting me the entire time. I’m grateful I joined and I can’t wait for the next one.”

~ Brooke Genter

“Dani’s Women’s Breathwork Circle was transformational.”

“Dani has created all services in love. I experienced her Women’s Breathwork Circle this past week and it was transformational. She created a safe and open space for each person to share their vulnerability and who they are. Dani held space for those gathered to connect and feel safe to share their realizations, empowered truths and what has held them back in the past. I began to cry upon journaling, as the process we did created a profound release. Dani’s capacity to be love and extend her support and wisdom through facilitating breathwork, women’s circles and all that she creates and facilitates is a gift. I am truly thankful to be able to experience such profound connection and deeply rooted healing that touches the heart and body and transcends to the soul-remembering one’s wholeness in it all.”

~ Alexa Magsoudi


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