Devani’s vision is to be a catalyst for profound and lasting transformation in the lives of individuals. She envisions a world where every person embraces their unique path of self-discovery, attains holistic well-being, and experiences significant shifts through Clarity Breathwork, Reiki, and Meditation. She celebrates the mind-body connection, trusts in the body’s innate healing abilities, and empowers individuals to lead healthy and meaningful lives. Her commitment is to inspire a global community that radiates well-being, inner-wisdom, and a deep sense of purpose.

Client Testimonials

“…enabled me to go deep and meet the parts of me that needed my attention.”

“If you’re looking to be guided in breathwork and meditation, I can highly recommend Devani from Cosmic Rose. She held a beautiful, gentle, and sacred space which enabled me to go deep and meet the parts of me that needed my attention. I was able to connect with my emotions through the power of my very own breath. Devani’s soothing voice and loving words really helped me to feel safe and let the tears flow. It felt like I was walking down a spiral staircase and she was a few steps ahead of me, gently guiding me. It was an incredible experience. Exactly what I needed in the moment – an emotional clearing out where I could then receive my own guidance.

~ Julie

“She creates a calm, safe, and comfortable space…”

“Devani is the real deal. She creates a calm, safe, and comfortable space that I was able to fully relax into. I felt safe with her to share deep pain that allowed for deeper healing. At the end of the session, my body felt more healed and whole.​

~ John

“Kind, gentle, and compassionate, while empowering me to heal myself.”

“Sessions with Devani are experiences that change you! I will never forget my sessions with her, nor will I ever be the same. Rarely do I cry or release in an energy healing session, until I met Devani. Her power, experience, authenticity & techniques are millennia ahead. Saying I recommend her is an understatement. If you are here reading this, likely you will understand exactly what I am talking about soon! So grateful for her work. Kind, gentle, and compassionate, while empowering me to heal myself. All the qualities I could ever ask for in a healer.​”

~ Diana

“All of these sessions have helped me…”

“I’ve been working with Devani at Cosmic Rose for years and have enjoyed the meditations, primordial sound meditations, reiki, and breathwork sessions. All of these sessions have helped me on my road to spiritual development. Devani is a beautiful soul who supports and guides through the sessions that leave a lasting impact. If you have an opportunity to work with Devani you will consider yourself to be truly blessed!​”

~ Beverly

“…each session gets more powerful than the last one.”

“I’ve had three sessions with Devani and I swear, each session gets more powerful than the last one. Devani is kind and understanding and knows what she’s doing. I would highly recommend her services. I can’t wait for my next session!!​”

~ Anne

“…my favourite practitioner by far.”

“I have been twice to Devani now and she is just amazing, a completely different experience from anyone else I have been to. Her energy is healing and she is my favourite practitioner by far.​”

~ Cheryl


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