Devi Peri, a Clarity Breathwork practitioner, facilitates 1:1 and group breathwork sessions, and brings breathwork into her Gaia Dance workshops and her 8-week Earth and Body Wellness Program. She is passionate about supporting people who are committed to Self-discovery and transformational growth. Drawing on her training in body-centered practices (including Breema, Body Tales, Eugene Gendlin’s Focusing), Devi brings an attentive presence and intuitive engagement to those she works with, while providing a safe, nurturing, and unintrusive container for holding whatever arises with compassion.

Devi has seen that conscious breathwork is clearly one important tool in helping to heal collective personal and planetary wounds. Her experience with breathwork has shown her its ability to go quickly and deeply into one’s wounded areas, cleanse them, and shine light onto the Truth, thus allowing more open-hearted joy and aliveness to flow in one’s life.

Devi’s background and professional training also includes childhood education, environmental education, and expressive arts (dance and music). In addition to Clarity Breathwork, Devi facilitates movement/embodiment workshops called Gaia Dance, and an 8-week Earth and Body Wellness Program. The focus of these works is to highlight the intrinsic connection between the larger Earth body, Gaia, and our own human bodies. The intention is to experience loving and relating to your Self, through the lens of your body, in a way that guides you to feeling completely supported by Life… connected and healed through love and appreciation of yourself and Mother Earth.

Devi currently offers private and group sessions in the Santa Cruz region. Private sessions may be held in the client’s home if the space is appropriate.

Client Testimonials

“I feel completely safe and fully supported by her…”

“I’ve done a series of private breathwork sessions with Devi and have found it to be very helpful in my day to day life. I feel completely safe and fully supported by her to dive deep into my inner material.

She helps me retrieve the important pieces by asking the right questions and making suggestions that help bring me useful insights. I intend to continue my work with her and have recommended her to many friends!”

~ Laurie Oman, San Rafael, CA

“I feel more grounded and have much less anxiety since beginning this work.”

“I began Clarity Breathwork with Devi Peri when I had a yearning to get below the surface and connect with a deeper place within myself. The first five sessions with her were very powerful, so I signed up for another five sessions. The first session was incredible: I had a vision, I think you’d call it, that took me to a very deep place; further sessions have continued to give me new insights.

She also helped me start my meditation practice that I have continued daily. I feel more grounded and have much less anxiety since beginning this work. I appreciate Devi so much for her warmth, wisdom and insightful approach. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking to go to a deeper place within.”

~ Steve Gensler, Larkspur, CA


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