Breath is a miracle in action.
Your breath and your emotional state are intimately linked. As we face stress in our daily lives, many people are in search for natural ways to heal themselves. Elzbieta (Ela) Thimme discovered the power of Breathwork and the impact it can have on emotional and physical well-being during her own search for health and a better life balance. Over the years, she got to experience different modalities and styles of Breathwork from various schools and trainings. Witnessing her own and other people’s transformations, Ela came to realize that breath can be used to address each person’s existential needs in very unique ways. She has become very passionate about Clarity Breathwork, not only because of their gentle and healing style of breathing, but also because of the wonderful community supporting the cause.

Breath has been much overlooked and underestimated because it is such a simple act and we take it for granted more than anything else in our lives, but Breathwork can actually awaken self-healing powers in each of us. Ela‘s goal is to find and awaken that healing potential in You. She understands and recognizes each person’s individual and sensitive needs, so she is honored to be entrusted and empowered to hold space for You if you are interested and willing to embark on this journey. Breathwork can bring spiritual experiences to some, but first and foremost it is a path towards emotional, mental and physical healing and freedom.

Ela offers private breathing sessions in person in the NYC area, or remotely over Skype or Zoom worldwide. She is fluent in English and Polish. Allow breath to unlock Your potential and find Your own freedom.

Client Testimonials

“Her intuitive and caring approach allowed me to feel safe and held…”

“I had my first experience of Clarity Breathwork with Ela. Her intuitive and caring approach allowed me to feel safe and held the whole time. I felt rejuvenated and renewed, as she had guided me to find a part of myself that I never knew existed and tap into it. It was an incredible experience and I am really looking forward to what more I can discover with Ela‘s guidance and support.”

~ Katarzyna Polinska 

“Ela has a deep presence and understands so much of the process of healing…”

“I had the pleasure of spending deep time and in the practice of breath with Ela Thimme during powerful months of 2020. Ela has shown up in big ways for herself and others in our Breathwork circles.

Ela has a deep presence and understands so much of the process of healing and transformation because she has been an avid seeker, and now a space holder for breathers to share in the possibilities of finding clarity and peace within the current times.”

~ Ashley Ludman


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