Welcome participants of:

The Embodied Awakening Conference

We are Dana Dharma Devi and Ashanna Solaris and we are the founders of Clarity Breathwork. We are so excited you are part of the conference! Just for being a part of it we would like to offer you a free gift:

“Series 8 – Initiation: Living Your Highest Purpose – Digital Audio Download”

In this 8th in the series of our Mantras and Meditations audio collection, we call upon the Divine Mother as Ananda Ma, Mother of Bliss & Peace. She blesses, heals, renews, restores & uplifts all Beings. Together we realize our full potential, awaken our true gifts & empower ourselves to step into our greater role as Healers, Teachers & Leaders.

All seven chakras and our DNA are activated to our next level of embodied service. We journey to a Golden Temple of Light to receive an Initiation & Divine transmission of greater power, love & clarity. We embrace our Highest Purpose and expand our Vision of what is truly possible for our lives, humanity, & our beautiful Mother Earth.