Hi, I’m Erik, and I’m a Clarity Breathwork Practitioner, PSYCH-K® facilitator, mindfulness instructor, and yoga teacher. I have a passion for self-development and growth, and a desire for everyone to live a meaningful, abundant and healthy life. For over a decade I’ve been exploring consciousness and methods for transforming pain, self-doubt, addictions, trauma, and limiting beliefs. I have studied self-inquiry, consciousness, shamanism, and various healing modalities.

In the session, I offer some of the most effective tools I’ve discovered on my journey which are Clarity Breathwork and also PSYCH-K®, both equally powerful in their own ways.

I am committed to holding space and helping you find and transform that which in you holds you back from living the life you desire. You have the power within yourself to heal, and though it may not always seem so, often our greatest wounds also hold the greatest potential for growth. You are your own healer, I am only here to guide you in the process.

Client Testimonials

My private 1-to-1 Clarity Breathwork Session with Erik was amazing and life-changing. With his softness, his presence, and his experience, Erik guided me to accept my deepest emotions and to connect more with my inner truth. He was holding the space so consciously, providing room for healing and growth. You can feel his support, which comes directly from the heart, every second. If you are searching for a Breathwork Practitioner that is able to guide you on your spiritual and personal growth path, here is your man!

~ Daniel Horgos, Germany


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