Evangelia is a Certified Breathwork Practitioner and Consciousness Coach®. She loves supporting people to reconnect with themselves to release stress and emotional blocks, find clarity and inner alignment, and feel empowered to take action to transform their life; she has gone through that journey herself. Her mission is to create a better, more conscious and sustainable world, one person at a time.

Breathwork came into Evangelia’s life at a point where she felt lost, unhappy, and unfulfilled, despite her successful corporate career and lifestyle. During that first breathwork retreat she quickly realised the power that our breath has and decided to go deeper, attending a number of trainings with internationally recognised teachers. Her journey with the breath became more intimate when she was faced with a tumour impacting her ability to breathe, something she was taking for granted till that point. The combination of breathwork with coaching transformed her life. She left her corporate career of 20 years, changed country, lifestyle and career path. She now lives a more aligned and fulfilling life with deeper connections and joy.

Client Testimonials

“…Words are not enough to describe my gratitude to her for taking me through this magical journey of self-discovery, reconnection and self-honoring.”

“Evangelia supported me during a very stressful and demanding time in my life during lockdown. The breathing sessions helped me regularly carve out time for healing and reconnection to my body and emotions. Initially I used to struggle breathing coherently. Then eventually with Evangelia’s patient encouragement it felt like a heavy weight was lifted from my chest and I could finally breath in effortlessly. In our weekly 10 breathing sessions, Evangelia has guided me to explore my thoughts and beliefs around; work, she has created a safe space for me to process emotions from my father’s loss, and she has uncovered traumas from my birth that I was carrying unquestioned in every aspect of my life. These sessions with her as a breathing Practitioner have improved my life beyond belief, have enabled my intuition to work in magical ways, allowed me to explore recurring patterns and introduce kinder and lasting solutions in my life, that are here to stay. And did I say her music (curated playlists), mesmerising voice and ability to hold silence is the most soothing experience in the world. Words are not enough to describe my gratitude to her for taking me through this magical journey of self-discovery, reconnection and self-honouring. I would recommend Evangelia to anyone who wants to discover the power of their breath and embark on a journey of self-healing from the comfort of their own home!”

~ Christina G. – UK, Career and Purpose Coach

“…helped me to process and let go of some things I’d been holding on to for quite some time.”

“I recently participated in a breathwork session with Evangelia. She did a great job of putting me at ease as she explained the process. She was a compassionate listener as she helped me surface the areas I wanted to work on. The breathing process was wonderfully calming and empowering and through it Evangelia helped me to process and let go of some things I’d been holding on to for quite some time. A powerful experience for me and I look forward to taking this further.”

~ Sam – UK, Vice President

“…left the session being truly connected with myself and feeling inner calmness.”

“Breathwork wasn’t something I would have found on my own – it was Evangelia who first introduced me to it and helped me see the benefits of introducing it as part of myself exploration journey. She took the time to understand what I wanted to work on, find suitable ways to keep me engaged and also constantly challenge me to ask myself, how much more could I give to the process. We run the same breathwork style week after week, but introduced other complementary exercises as well. With her background, she could explain things to my analytical left brain, while finding a way to engage my creative side. Many times, I came to the session being completely in “my head” and then left with being truly connected with myself and feeling inner calmness. Breathwork with Evangelia gave me some amazing experiences on getting connected. And considering these were all virtual sessions – I am really impressed. Thank you Evangelia!”

~ Nella – Finland, Snr Partner Marketing Mgr

“…opened the doors to something that revealed a new world of sensations and being.”

“Evangelia has opened my eyes to Breathwork. I have to say I am always a bit sceptical and question the power of practices that sound too simple to bring a change in your life but in the first session I ever had I thought I would keep open minded and what a reward was awaiting me. What assisted my first session was knowing that Evangelia is a person with a lot of credibility, so she helped me relax and give it 100%. Now, I am so thankful she guided me through this process, and which opened the doors to something that revealed a new world of sensations and being. Evangelia is a professional in whatever she decides to excel, and she prepares each session in quite a detail from the music pallet that supports her breathwork to eliciting energy she can somehow see within her subjects. I look forward to going down further the path of breathwork sessions with Evangelia.”
~ Maria – Greece, Senior Marketing Manager


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