Welcome participants of the Clearing Negative Beliefs Masterclass with Felicia Evans

We are the founders of Clarity Breathwork and we would like to offer you a free gift just for being a part of the Clearing Negative Beliefs Masterclass.
“Clearing Obstacles to Living your Totality,” Series 1 of our Mantras and Meditations Package
We invoke Lord Ganesha, the remover of obstacles & illusions. He clears confusion and fear, brings protection. He allows miracles & good fortune to happen. Ganesha is invoked especially at the beginning of a journey.

This first meditation is a power house experience which includes an overview of many of the Clarity Breathwork tools and processes. It helps you to call back all of your energy from people, places & situations. It activates your root chakra and connection to the living intelligence & healing life force of Gaia ~ Mother Earth. Cleanses, clears & activates all your chakras so you can live from the fullness of your Totality, connected to your Divinity.

Ashanna Solaris and Dana Dharma Devi