In February of 2022, I journeyed to Costa Rica for a plant medicine retreat to heal the trauma and grief from the loss of my Mother and Stepdad. While I was there, I experienced my first transformational breathwork session. I felt an intense connection to my breath and something inside me knew I had to learn more.

Before one becomes a healer, they must first learn to heal themselves, and while the plant medicine healed my grief, there were many more layers to uncover as I dove deeper into my healing.

I had my first experience with Clarity Breathwork in the jungles of PachaMama Eco Village. It was a softer more feminine approach than any other breathing I’d ever done. I felt safe and held as I was able to go deep and allow feelings to rise up without forcing anything. When my Mother and daughter came to me in a vision during my very first session, I knew this was the work I’d been preparing my whole life to do.

It’s scary when your purpose finally finds you. There’s a call to expand, grow and let go of old stories, wounds, and limiting beliefs, but there’s also peace in knowing are exactly where you’re meant to be. I could tell you this journey started with my first breathwork session. I could say it began with the death of my Mom, or my stepdad, or possibly my 4 month old daughter… but it’s more than that. The journey began with my first breath and in healing that breath I can now hold space and guide you to heal yours.

As a Clarity Breathwork Practitioner, a SHERPA Breath and Cold Plunge Guide, and a Reiki practitioner my practice weaves together several modalities while creating a safe container for you to discover the medicine of your own breath. Connecting you to the wisdom of the body and allowing you to explore the roots of your story and transcend it.

I offer private sessions, group ceremonies, and retreats (online and in person).

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