My truest wish is to create safe spaces where we normalize our emotions and can show our vulnerable, tender parts without feeling ashamed or judged. I want us to remember that we are human and how beautiful it is that we have this ability to connect on a deeper level. To me, nothing is more beautiful than being touched by the beauty of someone’s authenticity and tenderness. That’s where true empowerment and growth start for me.

My name is Isabella and I live in Berlin. I am a passionate, intuitive, and loving mental health advocate who supports people on their own journeys with an open heart. I am a multi-dimensional being with many passions. I am a Clarity Breathwork Practitioner. And I am also a Fluentbody embodiment dance facilitator, a Yoga and Meditation teacher, a Systemic Coach, and an Artist mainly working with clay.

Clarity Breathwork was recommended to me and I had an instant calling to take the training with the two loving founders Dana and Ashanna. I am beyond grateful to have met them: I experienced the breath as true medicine for me and others – and what true leadership means. Through the breath, I was able to meet a very vulnerable and tender place inside my heart that was not accessible to me before. I came home to my body.

I want to share this gift with you and hold your hand on your own journey.

I offer one-on-one and group sessions online and in person. I intuitively combine my work with all other teachings I believe in. I also lead regular group sessions together with my beloved partner Jan Sorge, who is also a Clarity Breathwork Practitioner.

If you want to come home to yourself, please contact me for a free discovery call.


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