Hi, I’m Jan!

I’m a Clarity Breathwork Practitioner, Coach, and passionate mindfulness advocate based in Berlin.

My mission is to help you become more resilient to stress by using the power of your breath – so you can reach flow state under pressure, unlock your full potential, and have a more balanced life.

I build on my experience of having worked as a lawyer for a big firm for almost 7 years – where I mastered these challenges myself. With the tools I now share in my work.

I spent my 20s doing everything I could for a successful career in law: two state exams, a PhD from University of Münster, and an LL.M. from UCL. In my 30s I had the career that I had always fantasized about: I was working as a lawyer for a big firm in Berlin for almost 7 years. It was the law firm of my dreams with a great spirit and amazing people. I was loving my job – and being fabulous at it: recognized by colleagues, clients, and competitors; ranked as a “Rising Star” for Media Law; on my way to becoming a partner.

But all that came at a price: I know what stress is. I know what pressure is. And I know what a fast pace in life is. At times, I was overwhelmed – feeling that I had lost control over my life. I am incredibly grateful for this time. Because I have learned so much from my amazing colleagues and clients. And because I realized that I wanted to change something. In my life. Inside myself.

I became fascinated by breathwork, mindfulness, meditation, and coaching – which helped me to step back into my power. I became more resilient to stress. I could work more calmly and effectively under pressure. I could allow my feelings to come up – and embrace them. And I felt more at ease in life.

After some time, a strong calling arose to pass on my experience to others. At 37 I quit my job in the law world to embark on this journey. To share the power of the breath with you – and to support you on your own journey. With my background in law, I know how to listen closely, ask the right questions, and hold space for people in challenging situations.

I am now a qualified Clarity Breathwork Practitioner, Systemic Business Coach, and Systemic Coach – and constantly learning and developing new tools to use in my work.
I work with my clients in English and German.

I offer group breathwork sessions and one-on-one sessions online and in person. I also facilitate regular group breathwork sessions together with my partner Isabella Gorny, who is also a Clarity Breathwork Practitioner.

If you want to get back in the driver’s seat of your life, please book a group breathwork session or a free discovery call.

Until then, keep on breathing!


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