Hi, I’m Jan!

I’m a Systemic Business Coach and Clarity Breathwork Practitioner, based in Berlin.

My mission is to help people live a more balanced life: by turning off the autopilot and getting back in the driver’s seat.

I believe that we all have the choice: to act, and not only react. We can choose to allow negative feelings to be there – and embrace them as much as our highest highs. Because in life, everything changes. Nothing is permanent. Anicca, as the concept of impermanence, is called in Buddhism. From this standpoint, true and sustainable growth is possible – in all areas of your life. Following my own experience, a big part of my work is to help people get more resilient to stress – and work smarter, not harder.

With my background in law, I know how to listen closely – and hold space for people in challenging situations. For almost 7 years I was a lawyer in a big firm in Berlin. I was enjoying it – and being fabulous at it: recognized by colleagues, clients, and competitors; ranked as a “Rising Star” for Media Law; on my way to becoming a partner of the firm. But all that came at a price: I know what stress is. I know what pressure is. And I know what a fast pace in life is. At times, I was overwhelmed – feeling that I had lost control over my life.

I am incredibly grateful for this time. Because I have learned so much from my amazing colleagues and clients. And because I realized that I wanted to change something. In my life. Inside myself.

Mindfulness, meditation, coaching, and breathwork helped me to step back into my power. I became more resilient to stress. I could work more effectively under pressure. I could allow my feelings to come up – and embrace them. And I felt more at ease in life. And after a while, a strong calling arose to pass on my experience with others.

At 37 I quit my job in the law world to embark on this journey. To share the power of the breath with you – and to support you on your very own personal journey.

I offer group sessions and one-on-one sessions online and in person. I also lead regular group sessions together with my beloved partner Isabella Gorny, who is also a Clarity Breathwork Practitioner.

If you want to get back in the driver’s seat of your life, please contact me to book a free discovery call.

Until then, keep on breathing!


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