Hello— and welcome! My name is Janna and I am overjoyed you are here! Welcome to my Clarity Breathwork Practitioner page. In addition to being a Clarity Breathwork Practitioner, I am a licensed clinical social worker, a board-certified health and wellness coach, and a registered yoga teacher.  

I arrived to Clarity Breathwork through my own healing experiences and path towards self-understanding. The inner journey has always been a captivating part of my path and a priority in my life. I was fortunate that the psychotherapist I was working with was also a Clarity Breathwork Practitioner. The breath offers potent medicine and is a powerful vehicle towards one’s evolution. My progress was accelerated— and filled with much more depth—and deeper alignment with the dualities and complexities of the human condition and consciousness. The amount of progress I had made in 1 single breathwork session was comparable to years of progress in traditional talk-based therapy. My initial curiosity about breathwork and my own allowance to explore the curiosity illuminated the path I was meant to be on. 

My journey continued and I followed the call to become a Clarity Breathwork Practitioner. It has been the most sacred training program on my path so far. I currently offer private, individual breathwork sessions inclusive of verbal and somatic exploration. I blend my educational path, expertise, and years of experience, into the sacred role of a Clarity Breathwork Practitioner. 

Please check out my website below and schedule a FREE 30-minute consultation to learn more and to see if we are a good fit, in this sacred work together! Feel free to email me directly at sacredspacesholistichealth@gmail.com 

Client Testimonials

“Janna created a loving space for me, full of trust…”

“For me, the session with Janna was like a journey to the most remote corners of my subconscious, to where the belief system, disguised for years, was passed down to us by our ancestors and the system in which we used to survive.

Janna created a loving space for me, full of trust and with her gentle and very confident voice allowed me to penetrate into these delicate parts of the psyche that are so uncomfortable to go.

A good facilitator knows how not to guide in the process and knows how to enable the person to go exactly where they need to go at the moment, this is the highest gift and Janna certainly has this gift and strong intuition.

I am very grateful to fate that I was lucky enough to have a session with Janna, I received deep insights and answers to my questions that I put before the session as an intention.

Janna is a very loving person with a big heart and a beautiful soul, her smile and presence alone will already infuse you with healing energy, I highly recommend you take a series of sessions with this wonderful specialist.”

~ Anna Eshwood

“In her presence I felt safe to really let go and allow myself to be held, supported, and witnessed…”

“Breathing with Janna was a profoundly beautiful, healing, restorative, and empowering experience for me. She is intelligent, holistically informed, kind, nurturing, powerful, joyful, and Loving in her approach. She holds the space with both strength and softness. In her presence I felt safe to really let go and allow all of myself to be held, supported, and witnessed in releasing what wasn’t serving me, and integrating some previously neglected parts of my experience in a way that was so sweet, gentle and powerful. I very highly recommend her services!”

~ Audrey Frank


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