My name is Putu Jess Patra and I’m a passionate, intuitive and loving coach, Clarity Breathworker and healer.

I help people release what is no longer serving them and call in a life they have always dreamed of – we do this together through Clarity Breathwork sessions, empowerment life coaching, energy healing and Balinese teachings.

I weave Balinese teachings into our work together with an emphasis on ceremony, ritual and honouring our ancestors.

My clients are ready to reclaim their passion, be their authentic selves and start living a blissful life – they do this by working on their mindset and by deepening their self-worth practices. They are ready to take a leap and do the work – to step into their power like the Goddess/God, Queen/King or Leader that they are. They feel empowered to break free from what is no longer serving them and call in their true essence and soul’s desires.

I’m a qualified Life Coach, qualified Clarity Breathwork Practitioner, Reiki Master Practitioner, Cherokee bodyworker and qualified sacred circle space holder. I’ve also studied various healing modalities around the world, mediumship courses, Munay Ki training and past life regression therapy to name a few.

Client Testimonials

“Wow Wow Wow!”

“In the 3 session pack I had, every day was a different experience. As the breathwork session progressed so did my ability to fully surrender and go deep & boy did I go deep. I have never felt that kind of stillness, connection & serenity ever. I am now completely in alignment with my next journey through this life, the experience has opened me in a way that I have spent decades trying to breakthrough.

Thank you so much Jessica for opening up to this unimaginable peace, solace, and happiness within. You have blown my mind and led me to the path of tranquility and peace. I am humbled by your guidance and wisdom and gift.

So much gratitude and love.”

~ Agatha L

“The session was mind blowing.”

Jess is an incredible person. From the moment I met her, her energy and vibe were something I wanted to be around, and know more about. I booked myself in for a Clarity Breathwork and energy healing session, and it was in that moment that I realised just how truly amazing she is. Having her in my space was instantly calming. She talked me through every moment of the session, which I was initially terrified to do because it was so new to me. She was gentle, she was kind, and made me feel so reassured during the process. The session was mind blowing. I could feel a shift within myself immediately and that continued over time.

Jess’ beautiful support guided me to a place of peace and contentment. I know I still have a lot of work to do within myself, but with Jess checking in and touching base regularly, I know we can achieve amazing things together. Her service is one of a kind, and I highly recommend you book yourself in if it’s something you’ve thought about. I certainly know this is just the beginning of my healing journey. And what a person to embark on this with.
So much love and gratitude for you Jess.”

~ Jess H


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