Clarity Breathwork found me in Pachamama, an off-grid eco village and retreat centre in Costa Rica. I did a silent retreat where we were led in a 90-minute Clarity Breathwork session. It was exactly what I needed in that moment to start an internal shift – all through my very own breath.

Life as I knew it had fallen apart in three fast years – my marriage, my mum died and my foster son took his own life. Life didn’t make sense. I felt lost, unanchored. I didn’t know how to belong to life. In truth, I’d felt like this for a long time. My grief and loss took me to all the places inside that needed to be met and felt.

I went to Pachamama to give myself time and space to heal, to gain inspiration for how to live the next years of my life, and to be immersed in nature. It was a conscious choice to get well, an act of kindness to myself.

I did Clarity Breathwork sessions throughout my time at Pachamama in different workshops and experienced such releases. It felt like sheets of glass crashing away, rivers of tears flowing from me, and I started to feel lighter from the inside out.

The teachers of Clarity Breathwork visit Pachamama to teach new practitioners, it was such a serendipitous opportunity and it’s why I extended my stay to learn more about this powerful healing modality.

Breathwork helps me feel what’s going on under the surface, I can release what’s stagnant and gain insights on what’s true for me. It helps me to navigate life, especially when things get stormy. Our breath is our very medicine. We can breathe life into the parts of us that got stuck. That’s why I love it, and why I love sharing it.

Please get in touch if you’d like to arrange a private session online or in-person. I live in Scotland. My online group and in-person workshops will be coming soon! I also enjoy collaborating with other practitioners, please drop me a line to say hello.


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