Welcome! I’m Kate Orchard, a trained Clarity Breathwork Practitioner, based in Brighton UK, living and working locally, nationally, and internationally. I combine the healing, transformative power of the breath with my work as a gardener, horticulturalist, and teacher (Orchard Gardens).

I invite you to join me for 1:1 breath sessions online and in person
I run Forest Breathing workshops and day retreats supporting groups to connect to their breath and reconnect to our natural world.

To work with me online or in person and to receive information about the 2024 program, please email thekateorchard@hotmail.com
Through this transformative breathwork you can:
• learn to get grounded
• connect to your body and feelings
• calm your nervous system
• release trauma, tension, and stress
• bring healing to your relationship with self and others
• find greater focus and calm in our busy lives
• deepen your connection to your life purpose, joy, and inner power!


I discovered Clarity Breathwork in 2023, which helped me to find this gentle tool to calm the nervous system. It helps us be present in our bodies – and create a perfect, safe space for healing to occur.

I come to Clarity Breathwork from an exciting career, most recently using food growing, working with plants and horticulture to connect people to the land and the natural world.

With 30 years of experience in health and social care, education, events, heritage, museums, and creative sectors. I led community growing programs at the Royal Botanic Garden’s Kew and the Royal Horticultural Society as well as setting up organic food growing and climate and behavior change programs in Scotland. I worked with people who were ‘out of home’ in Ireland and with Indigenous communities in the heart of Australia’s northern territory’s ‘Red Centre’.

More recently I’ve working with universities in the UK to explore how communities can shape, co-create, and direct research.

My experience has given me rich insights in how to support others. I’ve learned how to serve. I fully believe in our collective power to change lives and make a positive difference in our world, especially in these times.

Yet, on my personal journey, I was often striving, overworking, and overdoing. In 2019 I became seriously ill with an extremely painful condition known in the medical profession as trigeminal neuralgia. I could not sleep or eat, I was put on high levels of medication to manage the pain. I was pushed to leave the job which I loved. I felt my life was over. This took me on a journey to explore my own healing and restore my life. Clarity Breathwork has become a part of this journey to well being. And it can be a part of yours as well!

I look forward to meeting and working with you in 2024!

Kate Orchard


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