I started to work as a therapist in 2006 with a deep passion for the mother- child interaction, bonding and working with babies with regulation problems. Years later my intuition guided me to do therapy with traumatized people and dolphins in Curacao.

Learning from dolphins and receiving their embodiment of pure love had a deep impact on everything I do… They mastered the water, that means they mastered the emotions… no wonder that the word “dolphin” in ancient Greek language means “womb” … the place where our life begins.

Looking back, I see the alignment, that everything I learned relates to the water, the place where we come from, the home of our inner child. Here, we need to go back to release unprocessed emotions, unravel negative core beliefs around our birth material and breathing ourselves alive to shine from our true nature.

My deep passion for emotional healing led me to embody Wataflow and study Clarity Breathwork. On my own journey it helped me to understand my limited core belief of not belonging. I am so impressed to see how inner purification reflects in the outside world, abundance, fast manifestation, support, and knowing my worth are just some of the fruits.

The results of this path are priceless, inner peace, true love, and a life what is in pure alignment with you. We need that, the world needs that.

I can guide you on this journey… I have 16 years of experience as a therapist. I would be honored by your trust.

So much love,

Client Testimonials

“I feel safe and unconditionally loved in her presence and can fully let go.”

“Katharina is such a joy to know, and it’s been wonderful to be facilitated by her in our Clarity Breathwork sessions. I feel safe and unconditionally loved in her presence and can fully let go. Her gentle, nurturing, and caring energy creates a beautiful space for healing and transformation. Her intuition and clairvoyance are a gift which has blessed our journeys together. I have been able to receive guidance from my Higher Self and gain valuable insights and support from beyond the veil. Working with Katharina has allowed me to attain more clarity through the power of the breath. Following our sessions, I feel energized, more at peace, and renewed. I am grateful to have connected with Katharina.”

~ Michelle, United States

“…she brought me back to my body and my needs.”

“Katharina has a very calm, empathetic presence. With this soft breathing method, she brought me back to my body and my needs. Shortly into the session, I was processing emotional, cognitive and subconscious memory’s all at the same time. During the whole session I felt wonderfully supported, held, warm and soft. Thank you, Katharina.”

~ Faye, Switzerland


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