Are you longing to Experience More Love, Joy, Vitality & Satisfying Relationships? Perhaps you gave so much to your work or to others that your wellbeing has suffered and connection with your true essence was lost. You may even be experiencing Chronic Pain, Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Trauma or PTSD, and don’t know what to do with it.

Rapidly Transform Pain & Stress into Peaceful Vitality & Success:

  • Experience Joyful Aliveness & Wellbeing
  • Feel Peaceful, Confident, Grounded & Empowered
  • Enjoy Healthy & Satisfying Relationships

Somatic – Breath – Energy Healing Sessions take place via phone, video chat (Google, Skype, etc) or at an office in Palo Alto, California. Contact Katherine to ​​Schedule Your Complimentary 20-min Healing Intro Call.

COMMUNITY EVENTS & CLASSES in Silicon Valley CA & Your Location

  • Clarity Breathwork & Movement Journeys
  • Reiki shares and classes
  • Dance Elemental Ecstatic Dance Journeys
  • Women’s Healing Conference Community events: monthly full moon circles, bi-annual earth medicine retreats, annual healing conference for 150 women and girls

As a non-denominational Minister Katherine is available to officiate your wedding, and other important ceremonies such as healing rituals, blessings and rites of passage. As a DJ, she brings the music that you love to your special events to inspire joyful dancing for All Ages.

Katherine Glasa empowers individuals and groups to develop what best nurtures mind, body, heart & soul, to awaken and embody vibrant aliveness, wellness, wisdom and inspiration. Transform Painful Stress & Trauma Into Peace, Inspiration, Joyful Vitality & Success. Katherine Glasa is Transformational Coach, Breath & Somatic Therapist, Reiki Master, Energy Work and Meditation Teacher, DJ & Dance Catalyst, Earth-Honoring Minister
& Ceremonialist. She has facilitated smaller more intimate groups, and larger groups of over 100 people.

Find Out More about events and personal healing sessions with Katherine. To Schedule Your Complimentary 20-min Healing Phone Consult and learn more about working with Katherine, please visit: http://www.truevibrancy.com

Client Testimonials

“Our phone sessions were profound and empowering.”

“Our phone sessions were profound and empowering. You guided the work with such grace that I felt safe. For the first time I was able to really connect in with my nervous system and also give voice to my pent-up grief allowing it to flow through. I went from feeling physically sick and exhausted to regaining my health and energy.”

~ RP, Entrepreneur, Toronto, ON, CANADA

“After our session I slept like a baby, anxiety was way down, and my back pain was gone.”

~ WA, Doctor of Chiropractic, Santa Cruz CA

“I feel like I am breathing in life, joy and relaxation…”

“I have attended several of Katherine’s group breathwork events and have found them to be deeply transformational. I feel like I am breathing in life, joy and relaxation, and breathing out pain, sorrow and tension. Katherine’s guidance is sensitive but powerful, and the feeling in the group is always mutually supportive.”

~ DA, Palo Alto CA

“I became more comfortable in my own skin….”

“Thank you Katherine for having safely supported me to get in touch with my emotions. I became more comfortable in my own skin and learned healthy boundaries. This freed up my creativity and helped me to complete and publish my book.”
~ Sheila Laureta, Performer/Author

“Katherine knows how to gently and effectively guide emotional stress into peace…”

“Katherine knows how to gently and effectively guide emotional stress into peace and well-being. I felt very held by her loving, compassionate and highly intuitive presence.”
~ Amanda Elo’esh Johnsen, M.A.

“I’m a believer…this energy stuff works.”

“Following our session I woke up before my alarm, rested and happy for the first time on a workday since I can remember. Thanks so much.”
~ LK, Sales Executive, San Francisco CA


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