Kelsey is a an experienced and passionate health and wellness advocate. Since finding breath work on a 7 day plant medicine retreat Kelsey has been healing and manifesting through the power of the breath ever since! As well as being a Clarity Breathwork Practitioner Kelsey is a Certified Gut Health Coach, Reiki Healer, and Student of Life. Kelsey works with clients to remove limiting core beliefs around all areas of your life. Supporting you in healing with relationship, intimacy, family, friends, career, and personal growth! When working with Kelsey 1:1 expect to feel more grounded and present in your daily routine. Find inner peace, joy, self-love and self-worth. And get ready to expand and manifest your most beautiful desires on your purpose and path!

Kelsey is very passionate about travel, self expansion, plant medicines, and psychedelic healing. She looks forward to helping the collective awaken through the power of the breath.

Client Testimonials

“I am blown away with how much love I feel for myself….”

“I am beyond grateful and blessed to have been introduced to Kelsey through my sister in law. She is absolutely wonderful. My heaven sent angel. Before working with Kelsey I was coming out of a nasty divorce, single mom of 2, stressed, burnt out and just over it. I had no self esteem left and completely emotionally abused and drained. I am going on my sixth week of working with her for 2 hour sessions every week. Wow. I am blown away with how much love I feel for myself and for my life in general. I have began dating again, lost 15 pounds and feel amazing inside and out. Breathwork, and Kelsey have positively changed my life for the better! Thank you thank you thank you Kelsey.”
~ Melissa

“After 2 hours I feel so relaxed and happy.”

“I absolutely loved my experience with Kelsey 🙂 She is so supportive, intuitive and empathetic. I went in with an open mind and no expectations and she completely blew them out of the water! I am looking forward to my next sessions with her. After 2 hours I feel so relaxed and happy. I highly recommend Kelsey for all of her services!!”
~ Breana

“…feel more relaxed, attuned with myself as well as…”

“Absolutely an amazing and rewarding journey it has been working with Kelsey. Through a combination of breathwork and coaching Kelsey made me feel more relaxed, attuned with myself as well as help me think things through with a clear mind, body, soul approach.

She not only listened to what my goals, and hopes were throughout the sessions but helped me open my mind to dig deeper into what everything means to better understand how I myself can overcome what I wanted with her guidance and support.

I highly recommend Kelsey for anyone who is in need of spiritual, mental, emotional, physical or any form of healing.”
~ Haley

“I am a total skeptic and would not consider myself ‘spiritual’ whatsoever.”

“I am a total skeptic and would not consider myself ‘spiritual’ whatsoever. My girlfriend convinced me to try a Reiki and a Breathwork session with Kelsey so I finally did. I am actually amazed at how well each session went. So amazed that I have signed up for 5 more weeks of sessions to improve my gut health, lose weight, and improve my intimacy with my wife. Thanks Kels! You truly have a gift.”
~ Rob


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