I’m the owner/operator of the human-powered urban, organic seed and vegetable farm Drunken Sailor Farm, in the city of Boise, Idaho. I run month-long programs designed to help remove the feelings of separateness between ourselves and nature through art, physical farm work and education, movement, and Clarity Breathwork. I have a deep connection with art and nature and am consistently moved to tears by the magic of human connection. I believe that healing the Earth begins with healing ourselves, and Clarity Breathwork has the ability to fast-track that connection.

I’m level 2 Reiki certified, and am currently working my way through my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training.

I offer private Clarity Breathwork sessions, and group Breathwork ceremonies at Zen Riot Yoga Studio in Boise.

Client Testimonials

“I Felt safe so I was able to let down my guard.”

“I truly was blown away by the experience that I had in my very first Clarity Breathwork session with Kendra. I wouldn’t say I came to the session as a skeptic, but I suppose I came with an assumption that not much would transpire with just breath. I wasn’t being hypnotized or having EMDR therapy, it was just breathing, right!?! Wow, was I surprised. I had one of the most authentically deep dive experiences of my life. The sensations in my body were, in and of themselves, interesting and exciting. Witnessing my hands, legs and feet feeling this amazing tingling and heaviness, a restful state of bliss, was amazing. The connection to source energy was where I felt the biggest impact though. I went so much deeper into emotions and exploration of “my stuff” than I expected. I found myself processing with clarity about things that I didn’t know I was ready to explore. Kendra led me gently and with perfect timing. Her ability to read what I needed and even her ability to quietly hold space for me was clearly in tune. I expressed to her after the session how I generally am a fairly guarded person but the container of space she held for me felt respectful, honoring and safe so I was able to let down my guard. I can’t say enough how much I appreciated the experience and I can’t wait to have another session with Kendra. ”

~ Rebecca DeAngelis

“…none has affected me so profoundly and simply as the one Clarity Breathwork session that I had with Kendra.”

“I have experienced many different therapeutic modalities over the span of my life, from massage and chiropractic, to sound baths and reiki, drumming to psychedelic ceremonies, and none has affected me so profoundly and simply as the one Clarity Breathwork session that I had with Kendra. I am so incredibly grateful for the clarity I received.”

~ Juniper Baird

“…she allowed whatever i needed to feel, to be fully felt.”

“First off, I was blown away. I was expecting something mild, a little light headedness maybe, similar to Wim Hoff…nope…was completely flooded and filled with…I don’t know…still trying to figure that one out. Bliss? Air? Love? The universe? All of the above? yeah, was definitely not mild in the least. As someone who’s tried many mind altering journeys, this ranks up there. I definitely felt something profound …was like Wim Hoff but on steroids. I do think my prior experience with Wim Hoff prepared me well to take it deep…but Kendra definitely has a touch and guidance to take it even deeper…In short she allowed whatever i needed to feel, to be fully felt. Would highly recommend her to all. Would highly recommend her to all.”

~ Jerad Johnson

“Thank you Kendra for sharing your medicine with our men’s group…”

“My first of hopefully many Clarity Breathwork inner journeys was an incredible experience, Kendra’s integration of esoteric intuitive guidance and wisdom led me to unquestionable messages l have been deeply struggling with. This process helped me grieve and release, coming to a deep peace with what is, with self love, compassion and grace. Thank you Kendra for sharing your medicine with our men’s group, every one of us is profoundly impacted for the better.”

~ 🙏🏽❤️‍🔥 Matt Denning

“Kendra had a very calming, grounded, and knowledgeable presence…”

“I loved my Clarity Breathwork session with Kendra! She was able to meet me at my house which really helped me to feel more comfortable and capable of letting go. This was my first breathwork session so I had several questions and Kendra answered them all for me before we started. I felt at ease thanks to her! Prior to talking with Kendra, I was a little nervous about the physical responses my body might have. During the session I did experience a lot of physical sensations, and Kendra guided me through them in a way that accepted them and didn’t push back against them. I felt a lot of energy moving through my hands especially and she encouraged me to just allow whatever movements wanted to be expressed. Kendra had a very calming, grounded, and knowledgeable presence that I greatly appreciated! The hour long session went faster than I expected. Towards the end of the session I felt a great sense of love and compassion for myself. I felt a letting go of some regrets that I had been holding. It was incredibly relieving and I felt euphoric during and after the Breathwork. I’m really excited to do it again! I definitely recommend booking a session with Kendra if you would like to try Clarity Breathwork. She is an excellent guide!”

~ Reiley Ney


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