Kimberly Bilokreli is a Clarity Breathwork Practitioner, Reiki Master, Cacao facilitator & supplier, Yoga & Fitness instructor, Empath & Cross-Over Guide

Kimberly calls the prairies of Saskatoon, SK, Canada home. She is passionate about creating a safe and warm space that organically supports healing, awakening, insight, and truth to naturally offer itself up for release, embrace, and integration. This gentle approach offers more ease through the transmutation and transformation journey!

Kimberly offers both Group and 1:1 Clarity Breathwork Sessions both online and in person. One of her favorites is to offer 1/2 day retreats with Cacao & Breathwork in a combination ceremony of the heart!


Client Testimonials

“One breathwork session with Kim saved me hours of therapy!”

“I would say my main struggle in life has been feeling disconnected from others. This has manifested in me feeling separate from or different than other people. It also has shown up in feeling that I am never enough.

Clarity Breathwork with Kim has helped me to recognize my old belief patterns and the effects they’ve had in my life. One specific breathwork session with Kim brought to light a deeply rooted belief I had that I was not smart enough. This belief limited me and it also affected my relationships with my family of origin. I never felt smart enough in their presence and I often felt defensive when we were together. One breathwork session with Kim saved me hours of therapy! In an instant, I could see the falseness of this belief and I could also see that my family had never intended to hurt me in this way. After decades of believing I was not smart enough, it has been a process to accept myself as I am. However, it is a practice that I am incredibly grateful to have found!

Breathwork helps me to discover my innate Self. It uncovers old patterns of thought and emotion that no longer serve me and reveals my Truths.”

~ Jay

“She holds such a loving space and that’s been huge for me!”

“I am getting huge value out of working with you and all your support! I’m so grateful for Kim! She holds such a loving space and that’s been huge for me! There is no expectation or pressure on the timeline for my growth – just a pure loving and nurturing energy which is allowing my growth to naturally unfold and blossom.

The way you hold space is so special – thank you Kim!”

~ Cassandra


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