Kristin Adams is a Clarity Breathwork Facilitator. For the past 9 years, Kristin has worked with clients from all walks of life, guiding them on their unique paths to healing, self-discovery, and personal growth. Throughout this journey, she has integrated various healing modalities into her practice, many of which incorporate the profound and transformative element of breathwork.

Clarity Breathwork’s conscious, connected style of guided breathing helps you to gently release blocks, stuck energy, and immense amounts of stress. This release gives you access to a profound sense of peace and deep clarity and ultimately allows you to tap into your inner strength and knowing.

Kristin offers in-person and online group guided breathwork journeys and private 1:1 transformational breathwork coaching.

Client Testimonials

“Appreciate the peace!”

“To be honest I was hesitant to join in because I thought I knew how to breathe correctly! I found out through this class how to breathe with more clarity & openness & self-love! I really enjoyed the class & appreciate the peace! Thank you Kristin​

~ Karen W.

“What a gift!​”

“What a gift to give yourself! Kristin’s breathwork ceremonies are deeply moving and healing!​

~ Jeanine F.

“Deep Reset”

“I arrived agitated and annoyed from the day… when my breathwork session was over, I felt completely calm. It was a deep shift in my consciousness, and also physically, the shift was huge. It was a calm that lasted into the next day (massage doesn’t even last that long!)

I’ve done other, more intense styles of breathwork. They’re great for releasing trauma but don’t anchor you back into your life. After my breathwork session with Kristin, I came back to a more grounded, centered, calm version of myself. It was a deep reset.​​”

~ Megan C.

“Gentle and Profound”

“Kristin’s breathwork style is both gentle and profound. I experienced beautiful imagery and insight into my intentions as well as a really lovely energetic recalibration.​”

~ Morgan D.


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