Level 5 Class Agreements

Please read through the following agreements so we can ensure a safe and loving container for all of us. Once you have read then please click here to sign the brief confirmation form: Confirm Level 5 Agreements

Video Release Waiver: We would love to be able to share these videos with others who can only join via video under all the same privacy agreements. Please read and sign here: Level 5 Media Release

These videos will be in the Learning Portal where students will be catching up for any days they miss. We won’t be sharing them outside of the group container.


These are important agreements and guidelines that we ask you to follow in order for everyone to have the best experience possible–your fellow classmates and all the people that will come to participate in the Ceremonies!
Since you will be co-leading a Clarity Breathwork Ceremony, we all need to hold a high standard of being fully visible, present and prepared. We want to support you to become an excellent facilitator!

  • Very Important. You must agree: I commit to showing up fully for my Group Clarity Breathwork Ceremony, even if I have a trigger, feel activated, or have resistance. I have committed and I will work through my process and make sure that I fulfill this commitment. I also commit to collaborate with my co-trainer in a self-reflective and conscious manner, using the Clarity Breathwork principles.

We will support you!

You will also need:

  • A well lit background and good lighting on your face. We highly recommend purchasing a Ring light. Inexpensive and available on Amazon, office supply stores, etc…
  • Be set up on your computer for when you will be leading, not on your phone.
  • Excellent sound quality. You will need a good wired headset for leading–an apple regular headset seems to work fine.
  • Excellent WiFi–you may want to plug directly in with an ethernet cable if possible. You can check your internet speed here, at least in the US: www.speedtest.net. You need your upload speed (not download speed) around 10, and more is even better. You may need to upgrade your Wifi and it would be good to do so ASAP so you are prepared.
  • As little distractions as possible.


Please be on time to all sessions & attend all sessions.

Contact us here if something arises for you well in advance.

Complete the training! It’s important to go all the way through to the end of the training so you are integrated and have completion with the group and yourself.

Print the outline for Level 5 and take notes as we go along. You may also want to have a journal to record your thoughts in.

Communicate responsibly, share for yourself, not about others in the group. Practice loving kindness towards yourself and others in all your communications.

Respect Confidentiality.

Practice presence with us by showing up in front of your screen on time, with good lighting so we can see you, ready to dive deep, and experience the incredible results of this profound work. Be on video as much as possible.

Please do not eat in front of your screen or walk around. If you need to have a snack simply turn off your video briefly.

Give the training your full attention. Turn off cell phones if possible. Don’t be texting and scrolling.

Take the training in a private space. Don’t have a guest on with you or in your background. We understand that some of you have communal space. Please don’t have them walking through or listening..make sure you are on a headset to protect others privacy and not distract from the container.

Break Out Room Logistics: Have your video on. Make sure you are ready and have taken a photo of the process beforehand if we’ve given one. Avoid chit chat and know that you are in a sacred space together to do practice. Show up and be present for your partner and for yourself. No cross talking or commenting on the other persons share other than saying “thank you” or if giving a blessing. Witness when someone shares and don’t jump in and start to share for yourself until it is your turn.

Treat this time as a Sacred Ceremony for yourself (and include even on break days). Take excellent care of yourself with diet, sleep, and exercise. This is a life changing experience and will create incredible blessings in your life. The more you bring yourself to it, the more you will receive.