Hi, I’m Laurel, and I’m incredibly grateful for the teachings of Clarity Breathwork. I’m constantly in awe of the power of the Breath and how this practice has been so transformational for my clients either as a stand-alone therapy or when woven in with my other natural therapy offerings. I have a deep attitude of service and a passion for wellness and vitality. I also have a vast respect for ritual and ceremony and for the divine intelligence of nature.

In 2007 I had a vision of a living closer to nature and creating a place for healing. With my partner, a musician, sound healer and shamanic practitioner, we found the perfect place in the rain forested hinterland north of Brisbane. The land has a rich history of indigenous gatherings. It is indeed a meeting place, the land of a powerful vortex of ancient healing. In 2008 Awakening Centre Natural Healing Centre was birthed.

My background is diverse, I’m an Herbalist (BHScWesternHerbMed) and Naturopath (AdvDiploma), I also offer a host of vibrational therapies including Sound and Energy healing and Ka Huna bodywork. I walk the Red Path and carry the blessings for Sweatlodge. I sit Vision Quest and I am working my way towards the Sundance. I am eternally grateful for the teachings that come to me from the many Elders who lovingly share the healing ways of North and South America.

Client Testimonials

“I was able to meet and transform with love, old emotions…”

“Thank you Laurel for the Zoom breathwork session, it was amazing. I have had many face to face breath sessions in the past, being on Zoom made no difference and furthermore the session was so powerful. I felt Laurel’s guidance all the way, Laurel you helped me to reconnect through my breath to parts of myself that needed support. Through your safe presence, I was able to meet and transform with love, old emotions stored in my body and to call in new ways of being. Thank you Thank you. I would highly recommend working with Laurel.”

~ Kelly, Accredited Mental Health Social Worker


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