My name is Lauren Lewey. I am a 500 hour yoga and Clarity Breathwork teacher and Somatic Sex educator in training. I have helped facilitate trainings, lead retreats, taught throughout the US and Africa, and owned yoga studios for 3 years. I love bringing the practice of yoga and Clarity Breathwork to everybody from teens in alternative schools to prisons to college athletes to the everyday studio client/friend. Breathing through the practice of yoga shifted my life from anxiety and panic attacks to awakening to life. When I found breathwork I realized oh! I am life! The Power of Life wants to move as I let go of fear more and more. The Power of Life wants to give me direction and Vision. Clarity Breathwork created the pivotal shift of bringing the quality of fearlessness to my creations because I deeply realized Presence is enough. Trust is enough. I am enough as I AM and so are you. Clarity Breathwork helped me release traumas that were stored in the mind/body connection that were holding me back from softening my heart and trusting Life in its grace and direction. I love holding space for others to set their intentions and feel the Power of breath with this transformative Practice. I have personally experienced a deepening in Peace and feeling the fullness of Life while receiving the gifts of this practice and witnessed it with others. It is our birthright to know this is available for all of us and remember our oneness with the Divine. I invite you to book a session and see what experiences await you.

Client Testimonials

“I had lost track of time and transcended into God’s hands.”

“I have so much gratitude. I went into the Clarity Breathwork session with so much built-up fear and made-up stories. Through the breath, we transcended the barriers of this fear. I opened up and felt safe enough to allow miracles! Indeed a miracle it was! By the time we were done, I had lost track of time and transcended into God’s hands. I felt no more physical pain, only peace, and love. Such loveliness.

Breathwork Rocks! I love it!!!!”

~ Ann (Age 69) Colorado

“I am calmer, I have more inner peace…”

“Before I met Lauren I had gone to several counselors and read every self-help book I could get my hands on, nothing truly worked. Then….. I started doing Clarity Breathwork with Lauren. I am calmer, I have more inner peace, and I can handle my emotions and events in my life with a level of control I have never had.​”

~ Monika, Alabama

“…she totally encourages you to hold for yourself…”

“I have had several Clarity Breathwork sessions with Lauren, sometimes as part of a group she facilitated and sometimes one-to-one. It’s hard to know where to start! Lauren holds a space that is so loving, allowing, and trusting, space she totally encourages you to hold for yourself, giving an honoring of whatever is arising.”

~ Moira, England 


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