I am a Clarity Breathwork Practitioner based in Dana Point, CA, and I have been practicing Clarity Breathwork for 6 years. I decided to become a Practitioner after experiencing profound emotional and physical healing through breathwork. I feel so lucky to be able to share this powerful healing modality with the world.

In our sessions, I provide a gentle and loving space to guide you through any blocks or challenges you may be experiencing consciously or unconsciously. I provide support to unwind limiting beliefs, negative self talk, and other internalized trauma to awaken all the love and bliss that is here for you now.

In addition to breathwork, I am an ecological garden consultant. My mission is to help people see the earth as an extension of themselves, because I believe deep healing can be found in the presence and embodiment of our connectedness. My current projects and events can be found on Instagram @EcologyofHealing.
To book a session, you can contact me via phone, email, or Instagram. I offer 1:1 and group sessions both in person and on Zoom.

Client Testimonials

“She is very experienced and has a heart of gold. I love being in her energy.”

“I’ve had multiple sessions with Laurenz. I love the healing space she created for me in our sessions. Each time I experience a break from my negative thinking, release a tone of stress from my nervous system and feel understood and supported. I have to say that over time I realized that the never-ending negative self-talk that was running in my head before is not as loud thanks to our sessions. I am a very verbal person. It’s really important for me to talk through what I am currently experiencing. I just have to let it out. During this part of the session, I never feel judged – I know that Laurenz is listening to me with compassion and that she is 100% present. This is very healing in its own right – to be able to tell everything like it is.

I love the beautiful meditations Laurenz guides me through in our sessions. It’s a delicious feeling to move from a place of stress into a soothing cocoon of meditation and just relax. During the breathwork part, Laurenz is very gentle and attentive. Within minutes I feel that I am back in my body, I tune into all the feelings and sensations and get a break from my head. It feels like a home-coming to me. The relaxation and a sense of well-being that follow are indescribable. Sometimes I get messages from my ancestors in this state or direct guidance from the divine. During our last session, I felt that I was spreading my wings. There was a tickling sensation that made me feel as if I had wings. A voice inside my head said: “Spread your wings and fly!” As soon as I heard this, an airplane flew by my building. It was magical.

I highly recommend Laurenz. She is very experienced and has a heart of gold. I love being in her energy.”

~ Natalia V.

“Even over Zoom she created a very warm and open space where I felt comfortable…”

“I recently did my first-ever Clarity Breathwork session with Laurenz and it was such a beautiful experience. Even over Zoom she created a very warm and open space where I felt comfortable asking questions and explaining how I was feeling. She’s a very knowledgeable teacher and gentle guide. I would definitely recommend her breathwork sessions to anyone looking to connect with themselves or are simply interested in trying something new.”

~ Natalie P.


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