Aloha !
My name is Lavenda Sybille Schaff, a Clarity Breathwork Practitioner and Group Facilitator (Level 1-5) since 2020/21, and a Practitioner of various other Healing Modalities for many years in Hawai’i, the US and Europe. I am so happy to offer you this gentle approach of Clarity Breathwork for your own journey now to more wholeness, empowerment and love here for you on Mother Earth.

Many years ago, some kind of yearning for a different way of living made me leave my secure life in Germany. I moved to a different country, without knowing what would be ahead of me. I felt discontent for a while regarding my relationships; my work, my creativity, singing, and my whole circumstances. Even though I was very successful as a speech therapist, leader for workshop music events for women and a choir conductor, something had been missing.

My father died when I was seven. My mother, feeling kind of insecure without her husband, was overwhelmed by all the needs to raise two children on her own. As a very sensitive, emotional child, I was lost in this harsh environment of home, school, and life in Germany. Emotionally neglected and alone as a child, it shaped my life as an adult. It inhibited me to connect with people on a deeper level especially in intimate relationships. Change seemed to not exist. And yet in my early adult life, many beautiful coincidences occurred guiding me onto a pathway to self discovery. Eventually, I courageously followed my heart and moved to Hawai’i in 1993. Even though it was far away from the country I was born in, I felt home for the first time in my life.

Living on Maui, I was able to receive great nurturing by the island’s nature and people. I was blessed to study some Hawaiian modalities intensively; became a Lomi Lomi Massage Practitioner/Teacher, a Ho’oponoPono Coach, Chanter and Energy Healer, a Reiki Master, Minister of Peace, and a Cellular Regeneration Practitioner. Also studying Epigenetics; Aromatherapy, Five Rhythm Dancing, and Spontaneous Singing, it all supported me to release more of the fear about life and intimacy from many lifetimes and ancestral origins.

During all those years, I also had the honour to be a client and participant of workshops with our beautiful Master Teachers Dana Dharma Devi and Ashanna Solaris. It has supported me to let go of more of old limiting patterns from birth or childhood like; feeling wrong, not enough, not loved, or abandoned. The more I discovered my own lightheartedness and the belief into a benevolent universe, the more I opened up to this work.

Clarity Breathwork is one of the finest modalities, directly effecting the DNA level and creating deep change in our cells. Such gentle circular breathing practise, it allows the breath to softly purify and regenerate the body in deep restorative ways. This feminine approach makes it safe to be who you are with all; sadness, joy, anxiousness, emotions, frustrations, laughters, and desires for more love and connection.

The Hawaiian word HA means breath of life; our deep connection to the universe, your spirit, your soul, and all the nurturing of a benevolent world around you. We call in the ancestors, the Universe/God/ Goddess and Mother Earth in the name of love and kindness for your session. This supportive environment together with the nurturing breath of HA helps to release old stress and to open up the space in your heart for new loving views, life supporting patterns, or a new inspiring Matrix for the next steps in your life.

May this beautiful safe way of Clarity Breathwork strengthen; nurture, and empower your life’s path and guide you to more wholeness of body, mind, and soul.

I am looking forward to welcome you for Clarity Breathwork sessions online: In English or in German.

Mahalo! Thank You! Danke!
Lavenda Sybille Schaff

Client Testimonials

“It helped me to gain valuable insights.”

“A Clarity Breathwork session with Lavenda is a very deep, healing experience. Her intuitive guidance is combined with great empathy. I felt completely safe, and the energetic space was held in a very gentle and loving way at all Times. It helped me to glimpse behind the veil and gain valuable insights. Lavenda is accessing all her gifts to become a wonderful spiritual travel guide and support on the path of clarity and nurturing transformation through the powerful method of conscious breathing.”

~ Christopher, Austria

“The combination of Hawaiian chanting and more with Clarity Breathwork makes this an absolutely unique healing experience.”

“I am very thankful for the opportunity of having been part of a Clarity Breathwork Ceremony led by Lavenda. She accesses all her spiritual knowledge, education, and life’s experience to lovingly guide participants on a journey of nurturing breathing. The combination of Hawaiian chanting, sharing Aloha spirit, intuitive counseling, and Clarity Breathwork makes this an absolutely unique healing experience.”

~ V.B.

“I feel so safe and so held by you!”

“Today’s ceremony was so profound for me. The entire time I was breathing, I felt a deep connection to the sacred feminine and a beautiful circle of women leading, lifting up, and supporting life. Many of these women, I recognized, and many more of them I did not. I could feel seven generations behind me, and another seven in front of me.

As I listened today, the tears just started flowing and flowing and I could feel my heart connecting to something. I felt comforted. I may not have intellectually understood the words, but my heart! I could FEEL the words. I let the tears keep coming throughout the next share, and I felt my spirit connect to a deep, deep gift and part of my ancestral identity. I can FEEL the things that I don’t need to understand. My body is vibrating and pulsing with all of this energy! thank you SO much for holding that deep and loving space! Your presence is soft and strong. I feel so safe and so held by you!

~ Mandi

“Doing Clarity Breathwork with Lavenda was so life-changing.”

“Doing Clarity Breathwork with Lavenda was so life-changing. Her ability to see deep into my “stories” and pull out a deeper meaning and truth, and guide me to see my own deeper truths has helped me transform my life. She helped me breath deeper into my sub conscious to access what was trying to emerge.

I would work with Lavenda if you get a chance. She has so much knowledge and self-awareness and especially I found in cultural traumas. I am so happy I had a Clarity Breathwork session with her as it freed me up from some social conditionings. Thank You Lavenda for all your love and support!”
~ Niki, RN; California


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