I am an alternative practitioner with a tool box filled with a mixture of skillsets and blessed with techniques for healing the Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit for more than 30 years. It is my goal to assist others in reaching balanced health, or at least find peace with Ill-ease and Dis-ease in one’s life.

I have been on an awakening self-discovery path ever since my early teen years. My studies range from Clarity Breathwork, Maestra de Peruvian Medicina, Intuitive Medical Herbalist, 5 Elements Acupressure, Acupuncture, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, and more. I connect and open worlds that are invisible to the naked human eyes and listen to higher guidance for the highest best. I facilitate your reconnection to your own inner shaman.

I am passionate about Plant Spirit Medicine in their natural form and loves to find plant allies that will assist people’s body in reclaiming their vitality. Many of my friends are from the plant kingdom and I often get dreams about formulating herbal remedies specific to individual imbalances which works magically and miraculously. My heart opens to the Plant Spirit world to concoct herbal remedies for those who wish to maintain balance with the cycles of life.

You are energy in form thus illness is simply an imbalance of your own energies. Pain is stuck energies that can be recaptured. Health opportunities are a gift to look at what needs your attention. Your breath is the key to your inner wisdom. There is magic in this world.

My breath opens my body to the inner wisdom waiting to pour to guide and assist others in remembering their greatness. I am well aware of pain and suffering in myself and others. I understand rejection, traumas and abuse of many kinds. I bring a heart full of love and light wherever my feet touch the ground and with whomever I meet. My heart opens a matrix where love can be brought into the field of the physical form with guided wisdom that brings awareness in the experience; what I call the gems of the earthly classrooms. I am a magician of different worlds, dimensions and level of awareness. There are realms of invisible energy bodies that offers powerful healing once these are brought into alignment with your soul purpose.

Love is the greatest healer and medicine of all times. Faith of a world where we all can live in peace and harmony is my greatest attribute and wishes for everyone. My cup is full of love and light.

Maestra Laynah
Shaman of the Heart
Messenger of the Plant Kingdom

Client Testimonials

“…truly the first step in breaking through to the Life I’ve always yearned for…”

“I didn’t realize that such a big shift could come from one session. Breath, an act of taking in Life on all levels. I’m beyond grateful to Laynah for the loving space and guidance given. I feel like this is truly the first step in breaking through to the Life I’ve always yearned for, one of freedom and authenticity, and the deepest Love. Let the Great Work begin.”

~ Maria R.

“This is powerful work, and also empowering!”

“Laynah holds the most incredible healing space in these beautiful Clarity Breathwork sessions. I’ve embarked on a series, and the realizations and depth in each session have been hugely transformative. This is powerful work, and also empowering! Thank you Laynah for all that you do.”

~ Alana H.

“The experience was strengthening and awakening.”

“My recent Clarity Breathwork session with Laynah gave me the opportunity to look deeper into my current beliefs and re-align them with the life that I want to live. I felt very safe in her presence and her words guided me to go deeper and really question my beliefs. The overall experience was strengthening and awakening. Truly astounding is that the session was conducted online and I was able to breath in my own familiar surroundings. Thanks so much.”

~ Leisa B.

“…this work complimented and enhanced my understanding of my own path…”

“I had an amazing breath work session with Laynah. She facilitated my process in a way that I felt I was leading my own process. I have done a lot of shadow and mindfulness work previously and this work complimented and enhanced my understanding of my own path and personal mythology. I’m grateful to Laynah for her gentle guidance through to some profound insights.”

~ Gary Klein


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