Leela Rae is the founder of Soul of Breath and co-founder of the Healing Shala. She is a level-5 Clarity Breathwork Practitioner, trained by founders Dana Dharma Devi and Ashanna Solaris, and she is currently in training with Lama Tsultrim Allione’s Feeding Your Demons® work. Furthermore, Leela Rae incorporates the knowledge and experience she obtained in several trainings of other breathwork disciplines, Kundalini Yoga, and Reiki in her life and work. She is most deeply inspired by trauma experts Dr. Gabor Maté MD and Peter Levine PhD, as well as the vulnerability and shame researcher and author Brené Brown PhD.

For Leela, Clarity Breathwork is the most conscious, most physically integrated and tangible healing art she has experienced in all these years. It has transformed her personal journey, and she has witnessed countless others accomplishing the same powerful results with this modality.

Putting utmost care in compassionate trauma healing, Leela’s approach is gentle and attentive. She combines courageous, moving depth and heart-guided gentleness, always with the fundamental understanding that Clarity Breathwork leads you to the only teacher, guru, and healer there is – to YOU.

Client Testimonials

“I could truly open up, go deeper than ever before”

“In my Clarity Breathwork sessions with Leela Rae I could truly open up, go deeper than ever before and I felt safe enough to touch the places inside that haven’t been shed light on yet. She holds such an incredibly safe space and with her presence comes the allowance that all of my thoughts and feelings are truly welcome. This was a game changer for me and I could finally integrate parts of myself that had been left alone for a long time. Leela Rae turned into a healing portal for me where I could step in and heal myself. Her beautiful, kind heart has helped me to allow compassion and kindness with parts of myself that were difficult for me to love before. I could also experience her mystical medicine in breathwork ceremonies where she took me on a journey to the other realms. Thank you, Leela, your sessions changed my life in the most beautiful way.”

~ Stefanie Horgos

“She helps me see the divine light that I am.”

“I love the sweetnesses, kindness and authenticity I feel from Leela. I appreciate how she supports me in diving deeper into myself, all of it, and seeing myself more clearly. I love working with my shadows and often forget my light. She helps me see the divine light that I am. I really appreciate her for letting me go “off road” during the breathwork and to let me have the experience that I wanted to have rather than what was “right”. She helps me return to my sovereignty. I am so grateful our paths have met in this life.”

~ Lisa Grezo


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