I am truly grateful for the opportunity to become a Qualified Clarity Breathwork Practitioner and share this empowering work with others. I am passionate about helping you find the wisdom within to transform your beliefs whether in group or private sessions.

My life was impacted by a diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue that lasted for close to 10 years. I re-gained 2/3 of my energy levels by making changes to diet, work and greater self-care. It wasn’t until I completed a series of Breathwork sessions where I transformed unprocessed shame, guilt and grief from an earlier experience in my adulthood that I regained my full energy levels again. Truly remarkable is that the change in energy levels happened overnight.

To be able to hold space for a client whilst they transform their lives is an honor beyond words. I have seen people change belief systems, releasing stress and express emotions, leaving sessions with more aliveness. The ability to do these sessions online from the privacy of your own environment further enriches the experience.

Client Testimonials

“Leisa helped me get in touch with the divine masculine and healing the grief…”

“Gratitude to Leisa for creating such sacred space and helping me to get in touch with the divine masculine and healing the grief attached to my father’s passing.”

~ Tamsin


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Leisa Bright