Online Global Clarity Breathwork Level 2 Healing Intensive

Learn to Use the Power of Your Breath to Activate Your Full Potential

Life Changing 9 Day Level 2 Healing Retreat taught to hundreds of people over 20+ Years


October 20-22, 26-28, Nov 1-3, 2022

Training Sessions Run 3 days on, 3 days off for a total of 9 days of training

Class: October 20, 21, 22 (Break Days: October 23, 24, 25)
Class: October 26, 27, 28 (Break Days: October 29, 30, 31)
Class: November 1, 2, 3

11:00 AM – 3:30 PM California Pacific Time
(days off in between for integration, assignments and possible private sessions)

Are You Ready to:

  • Come home to yourself and make profound shifts in your life?
  • Dive deeper into your own healing and spiritual growth journey?
  • Free your energy from your past?
  • Open your heart to greater self love and more loving relationships?
  • Connect with a community of like minded people to support your growth and healing?
  • Develop and give your gifts in a greater way?
  • Transform limited thoughts and judgements?
  • Experience more gratitude and abundance in your life?
  • Step into your higher purpose and share your gifts with the World?
  • Create a more powerful connection to Source
Level 2 is part of our truly life changing program for both personal healing and the beginning foundation for becoming a Clarity Breathwork Practitioner.

The Level 2 experiential retreat invites participants into a deeper exploration of the foundational aspects of Clarity Breathwork, and provides a powerful container for deep transformation and integration to occur. It greatly accelerates personal growth.

This Retreat brings us back home to ourselves and to the infinitive creative power that lives inside of us.

Here’s What You’ll Explore in the Level 2:

  • Movement Practices to bring you into fuller embodiment and presence.
  • Live Music, Kirtan and Chanting to open your hearts and expand your consciousness.
  • Light Body/Transmission Meditations to activate your energy centers, clear stuck patterns, and receive guidance and healing on all levels.
  • Experience 8 full Clarity Breathwork Sessions. We explore how to move beyond identification with early trauma and into greater peace, joy & aliveness.
  • Deeper exploration of pre and perinatal psychology and unraveling birth imprints including conception, womb time and delivery, early nurturing and bonding.
  • Deeper emotional release processes and reclaiming and restoring self-protective boundaries.
  • How the mind works; exploring imprints, patterns and the subconscious mind. How to access the Superconscious mind and go beyond thought.
  • Healing and forgiveness around our relationship with our parents.
  • Addressing the wounds of abandonment/rejection, shock and shame as well as how they play out in intimate relationships.
  • Healing sexuality is explored along with creating healthy relationships and communication tools.
  • Deeper Forgiveness practices to free up old grievances and resentments that may be holding us back.
  • We explore how to move beyond identification with early trauma and into peace, joy & aliveness.
  • Dyad processes, group sharing and support.
  • Transform old imprints into the gold of our greater purpose and service. Great insights and awareness, guidance and vision can arise leading to positive life changes.

Included in this class:

Nine 4.5-hour classes (40+ hours) filled with incredible material for your transformation

Clarity Breathwork Level 1 & 2 Manual Download–30 pages of phenomenal material & practices

Daily Mantras and Light Body Meditations with live Sacred Music you can listen to again and again

8+ Hour Long Clarity Breathwork Guided Sessions you will experience live and then over again on the recordings with the playlists

Profound processes to understand and unravel Birth material so you can come fully alive and choose life more fully + Access to Birth Films including archived films not available to the public

A Community of like-minded souls for ongoing support and friendship with Private Facebook Group to connect with other students and the teachers

Dance and Movement Practices with the playlists to continue your practice at home

Certificate of Completion & Invitation to join us for our Professional Training Program

Join us, Dana Dharma Devi & Ashanna Solaris, pioneers & founders of the incredible healing practice of Clarity Breathwork which has shifted thousands of lives around the planet.

We’ve been sharing breathwork and other healing modalities for over 60 years combined and have pioneered our own process called Clarity Breathwork ~ a gentle, compassionate approach to breathing, healing, and embodiment.

We combine our many years of experience and gifts together in a beautiful way that touches, empowers and awakens our students. Including Dana’s sacred music and kirtan and Ashanna’s Light Body meditations, dance & movement processes.

We’ve created an incredible body of work that has helped thousands of people to transform their lives and have miraculous breakthroughs.

We have found the greatest transformation and life changing results happen in our Level 2 deep dive Intensive!


OPTION 1: Pay In Full

USD $1595

OPTION 2: Three Monthly Payments

3 Monthly Payments of $575

OPTION 3: Six Monthly

6 Monthly Payments of $325

Testimonials From Our Online Level 2 Retreats:

"(Ashanna and Dana's) soft, gentle approach allows the deepest healing..."

“I absolutely love Ashanna and Dana’s incredible offerings and the powerful practice of Clarity Breathwork! I have brought them into my groups over the last several years and have had rave reviews from our attendees! Their soft, gentle approach allows the deepest healing, coming home and empowerment of our gifts.”

“Thank you Dana and Ashanna! You are a true blessing to this world!”

~ Marci Shimoff, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author of Happy for No Reason and Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul

"THIS WORK IS AMAZING! I appreciated ALL of it."

“The Deep Dive, pre/perinatal work, inner child, grounding meditations, ecstatic dance, live music, chanting, and especially the breathwork-pranayama, sacred space. Thank you Ashanna and Dana for your depth and light, and your abilities to hold such a powerful container for us all to deep dive.”

~ Alistair Hawkins

"Dana and Ashanna are incredibly gifted teachers...and true healers"

“Dana and Ashanna are incredibly gifted teachers and facilitators, and true healers. The depth of work I was able to do in an online zoom format matched or exceeded what I’ve been able to do in person at many different retreats and healing modalities, and is a testament to the medicine they carry and the space they hold.”

~ Nasima Laczynski

"Wow! I feel tears coming to my eyes just thinking about this journey with you."

“You are such amazing teachers and space holders. I felt such love, care and compassion. For me this journey has helped me unpeel another deep layer. I feel that I am now choosing life, rather than life choosing me. I feel I can relax and surrender rather than struggle and do. I have also realized that I have chosen this life for the evolving of consciousness and that my beliefs are choices I made, not because of what my parents or others said or did.”

~ Lisa Grezo, Tantric Journey Educator

"My life is completely different…"

“I have tried and practiced many types of Breathwork before, and also attended trainings of different disciplines, yet have never met such a perfect pairing of teachers as in Dana and Ashanna.”

“The tools which I left the training with have served me every moment since. My life is completely different, my sensitivity to the divine has mushroomed, and my capability to receive guidance and support from my inner Master as grown into a way of being, rather than an occasional flash of enlightenment. Now as a teacher of the breath myself, I call most on my training experience with Ashanna and Dana.”

~ Antonio Abbagnano, Founder of Alchemy of Breath and Certified Clarity Breathwork Practitioner.

"Clarity Breathwork has been a valuable modality for me to become a more authentic healer for my patients and myself."

“Through their compassionate and extraordinary presence, both Ashanna and Dana exquisitely and skillfully guide us through the peaks and depths of our Souls journey. Every Clarity Breathwork Session/Retreat brings a higher awareness of the powerful medicine of the Breath, Music, and all of their sacred practices.”

“Clarity Breathwork has been a valuable modality for me to become a more authentic healer for my patients and myself. If you have an opportunity to work with Dana and Ashanna in any capacity, leap!”

~ Crystal Dawn Silas, MD, Certified Clarity Breathworker Practitioner, Functional Medicine Physician, Herbalist, Writer