During my decades long career as a coach, fitness entrepreneur, yoga teacher and breathworker, I have found that combining multiple modalities is a powerful way of achieving personal transformation.

Sports, adventure and the great outdoors are some of my lifelong passions. I have competed in ultra marathons all over the world and dragonboating races at a world class level. In 2011, I founded ApeFit, an innovative health and fitness company based in Hong Kong. We quickly attracted a wide range of clients including Citigroup, Bloomberg and Lululemon. I grew my team and began offering a range of modalities; however, I was also feeling unfulfilled at a deeper level. I decided to sell the business and embark upon a more balanced life. My journey began with a silent Vipassana meditation retreat where I witnessed the healing power of focusing awareness on the breath which led to a more conscious connection within. I went on to train as a Clarity Breathwork facilitator and mentor and found this deeply healing. The breath is an incredibly powerful and natural medicine that we can access at any time. Breathwork is a tool that enables us to embrace a broader range of human experiences, including painful emotions and trauma. It can release us from limiting patterns and enable us to rewire our brains. Using these tools, we can reclaim our natural state of peace and happiness.

I personally experienced the ability of the breath to heal my mind, body and spirit. Since my own profound transformation, I have dedicated myself to support those who wish to embark on our most adventurous journey – the one within. My life experience and studies have given me a deep understanding and compassion for the obstacles that hold many of us back from experiencing our innate gifts and divine nature. I incorporate a range of modalities into my work including movement, counseling, nutritional cleansing and energy work. Foremost is the creation of a safe and nurturing environment and bringing awareness to limiting beliefs that are influencing life choices and relationships.

I hold a degree in Psychology and a Masters in Counseling. I completed my yoga teacher certification at Sivananda ashram in India and was one of their in-house yoga teachers. I led multiple retreats in the mountains of Nepal. I also facilitated breathwork group and individual sessions at Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort in the jungle of Costa Rica. I most recently became a certified Reiki practitioner in my hometown in the UK.

My clients include leaders and teachers as well as people held back by limiting beliefs or overwhelming emotions, people who have experienced trauma and anyone ready for personal transformation. I see my clients online and in person and hold workshops and retreats across the world.

Client Testimonials

“She creates a magical space that sets the stage for an amazing journey.”

“Once in a rare while you find a teacher that has a profound effect on your life. Linds is one of those very special teachers that can open the door to a deeper, more meaningful and mystical life. Linds’ breathwork class is simple, effective and real. She creates a magical space that sets the stage for an amazing inner journey. She provides a safe and healing environment where you feel free to dive in and let go. Linds has an intuitive sense about guiding the class in a nurturing and loving way where time seems to standstill. I’m grateful to Linds for the tools she has given me to tap into the inner peace, joy and confidence that arises when the mental chatter subsides.”

~ Serafin Menduina

“I felt so unbelievably nourished by her presence…”

“Saying Linds has a gift is an understatement – she has a magic touch, an infinite capacity to hold space, and an impeccable sensitivity for energy. I felt so unbelievably nourished by her presence while practicing Clarity Breathwork. Her guidance was firm yet gentle, well paced, and most importantly, so wonderfully healing. The time that I spent with Linds was a real divine moment in my life. I walk away from her spirit and this practice feeling more whole, lighter, and nourished. I highly recommend practicing with Linds, for she is like the mother, and the mother heals all.”

~ Lina Konovalov

“Linds is an absolute gem of a healer.”

“I’ve experienced deep healing and profound shifts while working with Linds. Her presence, love and compassion have made all the difference in the world. From the first time I met her I felt immediately safe in her presence. I’ve been able to access stuck places that I couldn’t with many other practitioners. She has a really big pure heart and there’s no one I wouldn’t recommend her to. Linds is an absolute gem of a healer.”

~ Natalia Moon

“Thank you for being a light gem in the Universe.”

“Linds. Ever since I saw you in India, in your eyes I found the ocean, in your classes I discovered, with love you taught us from your heart. With silence, focus and guidance you gave classes to others, with more than just instructions, you gave us your light to turn on ours. I have traveled to see you in Costa Rica and I have allowed myself to be by your side again sharing experiences and learning together from the soul, the light in your smile time stands still, and your hug holds with tenderness and hope. Whoever has the opportunity to cross your path, to learn from you, they can surely discover with your guidance, light, healing and unconditional love. Thank you for being a light gem in the Universe.”

~ Sandra Barillas Cardona

“I’m stronger and better today thanks to Linds.”

“Breathwork with Linds is like falling into the most delicious featherbed — a place where I always feels safe, warm and loved. Her gentle voice creates a beautiful, wise and tender space — one big enough for the deepest inner work and healing. But don’t be fooled. behind the gentle exterior is a fierce advocate for claiming self-knowlege, freedom and love. I’ve met the fires of my self-doubt and the fear of my own power while breathing with Linds, and come out each time feeling more capable of showing up fully in the world. Her experience, training and natural skill combines for a truly transformational breathwork experience — leaving me feeling like an elite athlete with a really kind, encouraging Olympic coach. I’m stronger and better today thanks to Linds. There’s an electricity of sacredness and mystery reverberating in my cells. Expect miracles.”

~ Michelle Holmes


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