I have explored many different healing modalities but Clarity Breathwork stands out to me. The gentleness yet depth to where I was taken simply blew me away. I was able to go on a journey deeply into myself and guided to what I needed to experience and accept. For the first time I felt truly connected to my higher self and all that is. I felt this deep sense of coming home to the truth of who I am, accepting all that I am, the good, the bad and the ugly.

I continue my own journey and use this gentle loving breath every day.

I am very excited to offer this to clients to help support them on their own personal journey.

I am also a Tantric Journey Educator and Somatic Consent Empowerment Practitioner. I am very passionate about teaching sacred sexuality, making conscious choices in life and and knowing our true worth!

Client Testimonials

“…absolutely mind-and-body blowing!!!”

“My breathwork session with Lisa was absolutely mind-and-body blowing!!! I was amazed at the power of simply working with the breath. It took me to such an expanded state of awareness, allowing me to feel the energy flow in my body, it allowed unprocessed traumas to arise and to be released. I felt completely held, safe and cared for by Lisa who guided me through the process so beautifully. Her holding enabled me to let go into the process, knowing that I was supported. I had tried breathwork before and been unable to access the deeper levels that Lisa guided me to. Thank you so much to Lisa for all you bring.”

~ Kate

“…unconditional acceptance which I feel in Lisa’s presence.”

“I’ve experienced many breathwork sessions but Clarity Breathwork with Lisa was exceptional- in a sense it opened up a lot more than any others. It connected me not only to the upper chakras but most of all it grounded me in a safe space which is my body and it’s unique pulsation in this world. Lisa has a unique capability which allowes one to feel truly accepted, loved and cared for. Her vibration is very high and I feel her presence bringing the loving mother quality which most of us miss in our interactions with our birth mothers. Her sessions encouraged me to do steps in my life which I would otherwise not feel brave or strong enough to do on my own. It was not a push that I needed- it was unconditional acceptance which I feel in Lisa‘s presence.”

~ Spela


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