Hello and welcome! My name is Liz and I am thrilled to be
on this healing journey with you.

I experienced my first Breathwork session during yoga
teacher training. The experience was amazing. Emotions
arose, I felt spiritually connected, and time felt like it stopped
yet time stood still. I had no idea what had just
happened. All I knew was that I needed to do it again, but
life went on.

A couple of years later, I was amid a major life transition, in
every aspect of my life with absolutely everything upside
down. The universe worked its magic and there was an
invitation in my email box to a Clarity Breathwork
ceremony. I dove in fully to the inner journey of healing,
releasing stored trauma, even experiences I thought I hadworked through in traditional therapy.

This gentle, loving practice of circular breath has changed
my life and I am honored to be a Clarity BreathworkPractitioner. I offer private, group, and Zoom sessions
incorporating additional modalities, if desired, from a heart
centered approach. I believe that each of us can connectwith our true self through curiosity and compassion. Feel
free to reach out to me for a complimentary consultation.

Additional modalities
Usui Reiki PractitionerKundalini Reiki Master
Integrative Energy Therapy PractitionerSound Healing PractitionerYoga Teacher 200 RYT
Transformational Life Coach
IFS Life Coach







Client Testimonials

“Liz took me to a place where my subconscious is releasing any
trauma and tension within the body.”

“The Clarity Breathwork sessions I have had with Liz, have been the most life changing and transformational sessions I have ever had. Liz has shifted more trauma and deep-seated limiting beliefs in my body than any other counselling or coaching I have ever had. The sessions are intense yet amazing. Liz took me to a place where my subconscious is releasing any trauma and tension within the body.

Liz is incredibly gifted and supportive. She talks you through what she is going to do, how to do it, how to breathe, and what it is that you need or want to release. You feel supported and cared for all the way through the session.

During the session I felt held, supported, and loved and that I was releasing trauma I had been holding my whole life. Afterward, it was like a giant weight had been lifted off my shoulders, I felt light. This feeling stayed with me for several days.

I would highly recommend Liz, she is incredibly gifted, talented, and knowledgeable.”

~ Sandi – UK

“I also felt an unexplained happiness that caught me by surprise.”

“I fully admit that I had no idea what I had signed up for when I took my first Clarity Breathwork class with Liz! Talk about happy accidents! First, she is just light herself and wonderful to be around – but the breath class was so amazing to me! It is hard for me to put into words. All I can say is that I felt energy, down to the cellular level, while simultaneously experiencing a deep relaxation. I also felt an unexplained happiness that caught me by surprise. I will definitely be adding this breath practice to my ongoing health routine. Thank you, Liz!”

~ Kathi – MA

“I could feel an instant shift in my energy and clarity in my mind.”

“I had a wonderful experience during a Clarity Breathwork session with Liz of Spirit of Golden Joinery. Her safe and calm voice helped guide me into relaxation and her unique combination of Clarity Breathwork and sound healing assisted my body in releasing a lot of stress and energy blocks. I could feel an instant shift in my energy and clarity in my mind. I highly recommend Liz for her great knowledge, strong intuition, positive energy, and
groundedness during healing sessions.”

~ Kelli – AZ

“The session initiated the release of physically buried emotional traumas”

“My Clarity Breathwork session with Liz, she took me to a place of healing that I hadn’t experienced before. Both the beautiful and safe space that Liz holds for you during the session and the actual work itself, initiated the release of physically buried emotional traumas. I process my life’s challenges mentally and spiritually but incorporating the Breathwork modality actually allowed the physical release of old emotional wounds that I didn’t realize I was still carrying. About 30 minutes into my session, tears just started streaming. I wasn’t crying. The tears were the release of something deep. I literally was witnessing my tears and the process and after a few minutes, I just settled into gratitude for the experience and knowing that more healing is to come with future sessions. Liz created a beautiful space filled with healing tones, guided meditation, supportive coaching, and her loving and gentle energy which allows you to be vulnerable and heal on a deep level. I highly recommend that you give yourself a gift of healing empowerment and book
a session!”

~ Jeff – MA


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