As a daily student of life, health and healing, Lydie Ometto is passionate about supporting others to unleash their inherent vitality, joy, and radiance, especially by holding the space for their connection with their innate intelligence, inner understanding and self-love.

Her journey through the breath as a powerful healing tool started in her childhood in Brazil, practicing art of Yoga with her French grandmother; it expanded through her yoga studies and teachings, by experiencing different styles of breathwork, during her swims with humpback whales & wild dolphins where she deeply connected to their breath-life-lessons; and culminated with her training in becoming a Clarity Breathwork Certified Practitioner.

As she states: ‘My journey through CBW has assisted me to dive into deeper parts of myself and my own healing. Being a student and a client through the program opened my eyes and heart into inner-spaces I had been avoiding for years, having the honor to assist during levels 1–4 expanded my heart towards service and completing the level 5 granted me the joy to experience the power of healing in community. For those and many more reasons I bring this powerful tool of the breath to my students, clients, family and anyone who is ready to leap deeper into love.

As a Yoga Teacher e-RYT500, Lydie has taught Yoga on all 7 continents and she leads annual national & international retreats, including ‘Wild Women Retreats’, ‘Yoga & wild-dolphins Retreats’ and ‘Awakened Vitality Retreats’. Her InnerSea Yoga School has been providing Yoga Teacher Trainings and specialty trainings for the last 12 years. And she is honored to be co-leading Humanitarian Mission Trips around the Globe for the last 18 years through the non-profit organization AdJustWorld, where love is always present.

In addition to her already extensive background as a D. Physical Therapist and Yoga Therapist, she also holds certifications as a Life and Health Coach, Nationally Certified Massage Therapist, Acupuncturist, Reiki Master, and Clarity Breathwork Facilitator. She is the creator of several Yoga online courses and DVDs for home practice, and the author of The Top Ten Yoga Mudras.

A nature’s lover, especially for the ocean and the mountains, she bows for a good organic no-icing carrot cake, a well brewed cup of coffee and a good conversation at any time.

Lydie is offering the life-transformations from Clarity Breathwork through private sessions (on-site, Skype & Zoom) and group sessions (private homes, yoga studios, ‘special settings’) Please contact Lydie directly to schedule your private or group session.

Client Testimonials

“Lydie’s abilities to connect with all parts of me is a breath of fresh air…”

“Lydie‘s abilities to connect with all parts of me is a breath of fresh air which allows me to dive deeper into my own inner stories and re-write what is time to be anew. She is truly a jewel to be treasured.”

~ Mary L. USA

“Lydie and her gentle, although profound ways to support me…”

“I had no idea that the gift of self-inquiry and the power of the breath would transform my life completely, for that I am in gratitude for Lydie and her gentle, although profound ways to support me into challenging my darkest fears and move them to the light.”

~ Samantha J. USA

“Clarity Breathwork combined with her huge bag of skills, are surely priceless.”

“I knew many of the obstacles in my life but did not know how to move through them. Once I started working with Lydie, I became aware that I was able to not only overcome the obstacles but also to carry the strength inside of myself and the tools to transform the pains and the sorrows into a life of health and joy. Now I have the knowledge that I am able to choose a new perspective where I can see so many more possibilities and opportunities within myself. Clarity Breathwork combined with her huge bag of skills, are surely priceless.”

~ Sarita P. Spain

“Can’t wait for the next sessions….”

“The ability of holding a sacred and safe space which Lydie holds, allowed me to trust in all the gifts which the breathwork brought to me; the tears, the smiles, the memories, the emotions which eventually directed me into a new expression of myself. Can’t wait for the next sessions in order to dive even deeper knowing that her support and guidance are there to assist me in paving the new path.”
~ Marcelo G. USA – Brazil


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