Mangala Meridian believes Clarity Breathwork is about the adventure of you and your journey of self discovery and wholeness; that you are the most important person there is; ready to release the physical, mental and emotional pain which no longer serves you.

You can develop confidence of your true purpose and appreciation of your life. You are ready to see yourself with compassion and clarity. It’s about embracing yourself, your process, and allowing yourself to receive what delights you. Mangala is looking forward to working with you to access this and more through Clarity Breathwork.

Mangala Meridian has a Clarity Breathwork practice in Berkeley, CA. She is a subtle energy practitioner and teacher with the Spiritual Unfoldment Network (S.U.N.), an ordained Interfaith Minister, and a certified Yoga Instructor. She understands the importance of accessing all parts of our being in order to be present in our life.

I invite you to come join me in your adventure where all things are possible.

Client Testimonials

“…very practical information and related to areas of my life in astonishingly powerful ways.”

“My experience with Clarity Breathwork has been very profound. I have been a meditation teacher for over 30 years and I am quite familiar with the uses of breath in different meditative states. However, I was very surprised at what has occurred in the Clarity Breathwork sessions. I have consistently been taken into deep internal states that have yielded very significant information about myself in general and about the direction my life needs to take in particular. The messages I received involved very practical information and related to areas of my life in astonishingly powerful ways.

I find the two part process of intuitive counseling, followed by Clarity Breathwork to be a very conducive structure for setting the parameters and goals of the work we are looking to do. I would recommend this work to anyone who is stuck in unproductive life patterns and wishes to break through to another level and move ahead on their life path. I would certainly direct them to Meridian, who I have found to be a talented, intuitive and perceptive facilitator.”

~ S. Fisdel

“I was tired of repeating the same unproductive patterns while unsuccessfully trying to “think” myself out of my feelings.”

“I was drawn to Clarity Breathwork because of its emphasis on body awareness to release past traumas. I was tired of repeating the same unproductive patterns while unsuccessfully trying to “think” myself out of my feelings. In the Breathwork sessions, Meridian and I used the first part of the session to identify what patterns I wanted to release. Then, during the Breathwork, she was able to use that information to guide me to where the feeling was “stuck” in my body. While my “mind” kept wanting to “think” the feeling, Meridian kept my focus on experiencing the feeling in my body, staying present with it, listening to it and then releasing it–all through the flow of the breath. The effects were profound.

I would never have believed that after six sessions I could have made so much progress. Even though I work intimately with my body as a professional dancer, I never realized how disconnected I was from experiencing my feelings in my body and releasing them. Once the blocks are released, it’s like a doorway to life’s energy flow. It’s there all the time, just waiting for us to remove the places where it’s been stuck through life’s inevitable trials. This increase in flow has manifested itself in my life internally and externally. I am much happier, more in the moment (not reacting from the past) and have the tools to deal with blocks as they arise. My career has also blossomed. I landed a teaching job at Pixar Animation Studios and a woman contacted me all the way from Australia about filming me for a documentary! I have also been inspired to begin writing a book. Life is good when life is flowing.

I would recommend Clarity Breathwork to everyone! But especially those who are ready to let go of past hurts and blame, take their life to the next level and have the courage to be all they have dreamed they could be. I remember in my second session, I could feel the energy start to flow and it actually caught me by surprise and scared me a little–it felt like a tidal wave coming at me–so I resisted it. But in the next session I was ready for whatever came, no matter how powerful. The result was an experience nothing less than bliss.”

~ Amy Luna

“I can feel my body again. My heart is opening more.”

“Thank you, Meridian, for my Clarity Breathwork session: I had been feeling empty from inside all the way to my skin. Now I feel the organs from the chest down to the pubic area. I am able to feel again. Now I know that the emptiness I felt inside was a signal to slow down and that everything in me is working for my good. I can feel my body again. My heart is opening more. I was able to wake up the cells in the deep dark spot in my heart and throughout my body. I learned through my breathwork sessions that when I am responsible for myself, other people can be responsible for themselves.”

~ Angie D.

“That very afternoon I could feel changes, like more confidence and actually see things differently.”

“Meridian, thank you very much for the session I had with you the other day. That very afternoon I could feel changes, like more confidence and actually see things differently. Happier and calmer. For years, literally years I have been trying to tidy and organize my desk and studio and my home. Keeping tidy has always been a desire but a reality that has always eluded me. Overwhelmed me. I have two studios and within two hours of our time together one of my studios was clean and tidy and today the other is as well. Granting myself the forgiveness over the trauma has changed me in ways I never thought I would be able to obtain. Thank you Meridian. Thank you so very much. I sincerely look forward to our next session together.”

~ W.

“I highly recommend Meridian…

“I highly recommend Meridian as a Clarity Breathwork Practitioner. Her warmth, intuition, and sensitivity as well her knowledge and understanding of the technique make for an incredible and inspiring session. I appreciated her follow up emails, too.”

~ Maw

“…what I experienced was profound.”

“I didn’t know what to expect in my first session with Meridian, nor did I bring anything specific to the table to ‘work’ on. However, what I experienced was profound.

I worked through things that I didn’t know i wanted to work through. A gifted intuitive and teacher, Meridian knew exactly what to say at exactly the right time during my session just when I needed it most.

The Clarity Breathwork with Meridian is truly beneficial and such a wonderful experience. I left energized, positive and happy! I highly, highly recommend Meridian’s Clarity Breathwork sessions to anyone who wants to feel good and empowered.”

~ Julie Budd, Berkeley, CA

“I had been wanting to lose weight for years. After our Clarity Breathwork sessions I had the resolve to go on a 15 day fast and have lost 18 pounds.”



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